Weekly What’s Up: Start anew with the new Venus cycle and Venus™ & White Light™ Essences

We are introducing a new weekly series where we talk about the Shanti Kai™ Essences you need for the prevailing cosmic influences.  This week’s Weekly What’s Up: Start anew with the new Venus cycle and Shanti Kai™ Essences Venus™ and White Light™

Venus and White Light Essences for the New Venus Cycle

On Friday, October 26th, Venus began a new cycle and is making her way towards becoming a “morning star” after months of being an “evening star”. While it’s not a time to take action or make major decisions, the start of this new cycle can be a great time to look forward and formulate intentions and goals for love, beauty, harmony, and sociability in our lives. To help us take advantage of and usher in this new phase we are recommending Shanti Kai™ Essence Blends Venus™ and White Light™ to help you to align with the energy of love and beauty in your life and to usher in a vibration of new beginnings.

Venus™ Essence helps you to align with and balance the qualities that this planet represents, such as love, beauty, attraction, harmony and anything that attracts or appeals to the senses. It contains several ingredients from the plant and mineral kingdoms that may boost your attractiveness socially and romantically, and encourage greater ease and comfort in social settings. This blend may also help to balance an excess of masculine #energy, promoting greater overall harmony.

White Light™ is the perfect Essence to use for new beginnings, a sense of rebirth and renewal, and to help you to open up to a new influx of inspiration. This Essence can help you to integrate pure, clean, high vibrational energy into your field, offering total protection and strength. From this state it becomes easier to live according to our highest potential.

Here’s a way to use these Essences together to harness the energy of this new Venus cycle:

Take some time to think about or write down the new types of energy you would like to see in your life related to all things Venus: Love, relationships, beauty, and our social lives.

Then, using your Venus™ Essence, spray the crown of the head, the third-eye, the base of the skull, the heart center, and the lower chakras or wherever feels needed. Take a couple of slow deep breaths and imagine that your new goals and intentions have come to fruition. After a few moments, use your White Light™ Essence and spray the same areas where you used Venus™, imagining that you are filled with and lifted up by a sense of renewal and rebirth.

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