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Balancing the Masculine ~ Raw Energy ~ Creative Force

Mars Essence may help you tap into that raw creative energy or initial inertia needed in order to get things moving in a new direction.

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Mars™ Essence

Mars, the Roman God of War, is marked by his call to action- he wages war to secure peace. In the battlefields of life, you sometimes need to harness the Mars energy in order to get to greener pastures. Mars™ Essence may help you tap into that raw creative energy or initial inertia needed in order to get things moving in a new direction. It may also help you make use of overly masculine energies, softening aggressive or conflict-prone tendencies and funneling them toward a productive use. Additionally, Mars™ Essence may help you awaken dormant or non-responsive energies in the physical body*, or if you have too much feminine energy, help you to call in the Masculine. Mars™ Essence may be especially beneficial for balancing Men’s issues* but may also assist you if you are a woman who relies too much on men, to find greater independence. A synergy of key Flowers combines with Gemstones to energize this blend, making it the perfect companion if you are needing to tap your inner reserves.

Mars Essence™ is made with a careful combination of flowers, minerals, orchids, color frequencies and other ingredients synergistically blended to bring optimum balance to all things Mars. And of course, what you specifically require may vary depending on your individual needs and may also change with time, depending on transits, dashas, and other factors. See our FAQ on methods of Essence Selection and/or our Ask a Question in our services section, or contact us for more information.

Ingredients: Vibrational infusions of 13 Flowers, 2 Orchids, 11 Gemstones, and 5 Essential Oils in Purified Water and 20% Brandy.

*None of these statements have been approved by FDA. Please see your physician for all health concerns. Essences work best when the user actively works with them.

Watch the video below to learn more about our Mars Essence™!

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5 reviews for Mars™

  1. Ryan

    The men’s tonic [mars] brought an amazing balance to my life. A calm confidence that I don’t know I have ever experienced.

  2. Rocco

    For guys, this is strength and confidence in a bottle. So often I’ve let myself get down on myself for one reason or another. This really helped with feeling more sure of myself and more able to see myself in a more desirable light. And in turn, others saw me that way.

  3. Michelle

    I am a 30s something woman who doesn’t like to travel alone. I recently purchased Mars & used it on a trip in which I had to carry heavy luggage, & make several connecting flights followed by a very long drive. Normally this would exhaust me & I dread every step of the way. However I carried the Mars spray & used it acutely- every hour or so to strengthen & reinforce my resolve. By the end of the travel I felt like I could still keep going. I was amazed. This was the only thing I did differently starting with regular use 2 days before traveling.

  4. Stephen

    There are times in your life when you have things happen that really affect the way you see yourself as a man. If you let it go too long, it will wear you down over time. But this spray is REALLY great for helping to break through that feeling and help you to feel more strong, balanced and masculine again, in a very healthy and gentle way.

  5. Margaret

    Mars essence gives me an experience of planet Mars that is positively positive!! I’m able to say what I want, to people who have been overbearing towards me for years, within seconds, in a delightful way. I’ve only had this kind of good results with Mars from hiring someone to do a Mars Puja for me, and she could only perform the Puja for one person at a time. It’s so delightful, as it affects my whole world and all of the people in it, when I spray my Mars Essence. Mars mantras are very difficult to process the energy. I should know, I’ve chanted the mars mantra in various forms for up to 6 hours at a time. It is a brutal experience!!! As an astrology student, this is a critical breakthrough for me, especially since my ascendant, Scorpio, is ruled by Mars!!! Super important for me. Plus I have a Mars name: Mar-garet. It’s like this essence was made just for me!!!! But, I hope many people try it; it’s so beautiful, it was really made for anyone with a Mars issue!!!

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