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Invoking Your “Inner Diva” ~ Love

Beneficial for relationship balance, drawing in love and friendship, and enhancing social charm, as well as aligning you with feminine qualities such as beauty, grace, receptivity, gentleness and attraction. It may also help with energetically balancing PMS symptoms in women.

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The Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus is the Sensual Divine Feminine; the gatekeeper of all that is beautiful and all that attracts and appeals to the senses. She is the personification of comfort and pleasure, beauty and grace, attraction and romance, abundance and prosperity, leisure and luxury, harmony and social charm. Shanti Kai™ Venus™ Essence blend is formulated to help you align with all that is “Venus”, thereby invoking your “Inner Diva”.

Venus Essence™ is loaded with unique and powerful flowers often associated with Venus energy that have sassy characters and inspire charm, personality, and confidence when used in essence form. As Venus is the goddess of romantic love and partnership, Shanti Kai™ Venus™ Essence blend helps you move into your comfort zone in these areas.

Brimming with flowers and gemstones, Venus™ Essence is a masterfully crafted blend of elements that may boost your attractiveness socially and to the opposite sex, as well as grant you greater ease in social settings.

On another level, Shanti Kai™ Venus™ Essence blend may help you tap into your own love energy (a love energy that all beings on this earth have access to) as an effect of key gemstone ingredients. Love is a creative force, transforming ideas and inspiration into physical matter. As such, aligning with Venus energy may help you in manifesting your heart’s desires (especially when coupled with Shanti Kai™ Attract™ Essence Blend).

Venus™ Essence may also be helpful in counter-balancing an excess of intense masculine energy, aligning you with the feminine qualities of grace, receptivity and gentleness, which can work just as powerfully in your life.

Recommended Venus™ Companion Essences

Venus™ works well with other Shanti Kai™ Essences, and we suggest trying some of the pairings below:

  • Pair with Attract™ – For drawing in LOVE.
  • Pair with Anahata™: Heart Chakra – For healing past relationship issues, and magnifying feelings of unconditional love and acceptance in relationships.
  • Pair with Goddess Power™ (or Empower™) – For coming into your power and confidence. Try this duo when you go on a first date!
  • Pair with Jasmine™: Love – Love can be magical and this essence pairing helps you tap into the power of unconditional love. This essence duo is so soft and sweet… it helps open even the most stubborn of hearts.

Venus™ Essence is made with a careful combination of flowers, minerals, orchids, color frequencies and other ingredients synergistically blended to bring optimum balance to all things Venus. And of course, what you specifically require may vary depending on your individual needs and may also change with time, depending on transits, dashas, and other factors. See our FAQ on methods of Essence Selection and/or our Ask a Question in our services section, or contact us for more information.

Vibrational Infusions of 7 Orchids, 6 Flowers (Including 2 Tree Flowers), 9 Gemstones, and 1 Essential Oil in 20% Alcohol and Purified Water.

Watch the video below to learn more about Venus™ Essence:

Unveil Venus Master Essence's Secrets with These Quick, Powerful Tips!

More videos featuring Venus™ Essence:

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3 reviews for Venus™

  1. Anna

    I love this essence! I feel it permeate my whole body when I take it and it fills me with a sense of renewal and well being, strength, and of being more confident in my own skin.

  2. Anna

    I have been using the Venus Essence as a room spray at home and at work in my cubicle during the current Venus retrograde period and have noticed that it lifts my mood and energy more than anything else!

  3. Jomarie

    These two essences truly help to make dating a much more enjoyable and calm experience for me.  Before I started to use these I would get very caught up in each dating experience, putting so much pressure on whether each guy was ‘the one’ and see-sawing between anxiety and excitement depending on whether or not someone was living up to this ideal at any given moment. This made dating very stressful and I found myself becoming devastated every time something didn’t work out, even if there had just been one or two dates. I would also put far too much time and effort into trying to make situations work that clearly weren’t meant to. Once I started to use Venus™ and Empower™ together, I found myself being able to relax more with the dating process, able to put things in perspective and see my needs as valid and important, and feel more secure in the knowledge that if a date didn’t work out, I would still be ok.  I found that after I used them, something that someone may have said wouldn’t bother me as much and I would feel more confident and in my strength.

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