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Earth Chakra™

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Shanti Kai™ Earth Chakra™ Essence helps you in grounding your energy, adjusting and adapting to life’s shifts and changes, and connecting to Mother Earth.

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Earth Chakra Essence™ draws from newly discovered gemstone & mineral deposits on every continent, as well as volcanic and tree flowers that promote a strong sense of connectivity to and affinity for Lady Gaia (Mother Earth). Certain mineral ingredients in this blend work to increase your ability to ground yourself, to adjust and adapt to life’s shifts and changes, and in general, to increase your affinity for, and love of the Earth. Earth Chakra™ is an excellent essence to use if you work in a stressful indoor environment, as it helps bring in the Earth element and may provide much needed balancing for such a lifestyle. This blend may help revive and balance your Earth Star Chakra (found below soles of feet in etheric body) enabling you to vibrationally harmonize with and draw from Mother Earth’s powerful, nurturing core.

Many can understand the shifts on Earth from an esoteric standpoint, i.e. the end of the Mayan Calendar and significant astrological alignments that have been and are to be occurring. However, even from a more mundane three-dimensional perspective, many feel affected by or vulnerable to the rise of natural disasters, technological advancements, shifting political environments, progress in science, and other discoveries that are rapidly changing the environment here on Earth. Earth Chakra™ Essence may help you assimilate changes occurring within the Earth’s energy field, as well as help release ungrounded or excess energy associated with these changes, thereby promoting a grounded yet flexible (adaptable) state of being.

Vibrational Infusions of 5 Flowers (including volcanic and tree flowers), 1 Orchid, 19 Gemstones (from all over the world), 4 Precious Metals, and 4 Essential Oils in Purified Water & 15% Brandy.

Watch the video below to learn more about Earth Chakra™ Essence.

Working with Your Earth Star and Root Chakras

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11 reviews for Earth Chakra™

  1. Danielle

    Earth Chakra is the first thing I turn to for help in times of needing to feeling focused or safe. Has specifically worked for me if I feel over stimulated- like when I’ve consumed too much caffeine.

  2. Dave

    I got overly stressed and flighty, was really ungrounded – I tend to get anxious and edgy physically and mentally – I used the Earth Chakra spray and it brought me right back to my center. It helped lower all my anxiety and edgy-ness right away.

  3. Rocco

    I cannot say enough good things about this Earth Spray! So grounding. So warm. So helpful for any situation that makes you anxious or needs grounding support.

  4. Molly

    I was using the Violet-White as I was having some depression as a result of a family member being in the hospital. The Violet-White was so high frequency I started getting headaches as the shifts occurred in my head, raising my vibration. Jayme told me to use Earth spray on the lower half of my body and Violet White on the upper. The headaches instantly calmed down and the depression lifted. I was able to keep going and turn some of my negatives into positives by using them as a catalyst for my growth.

  5. Carl

    My wife who is in her early 80s has trouble walking as she gets very physically fatigued and experiences swelling in her legs and feet. I spray her legs and feet with Earth Chakra Essence and it has helped a lot. At first I noticed the swelling stopped increasing and later it seemed to go down. She says she feels stronger now when she moves around. She has been using it twice a day for 3 months.

  6. Abigail

    Love this one! Lol I love them all- but really love love this one!

  7. Ryan

    For someone like me, who spends most of his time in his head, this little number is very helpful. Using it before going for a walk or exercising, I found it to enhance the grounding effects of the exercise. It was also, very good for when work and life became too much. Very helpful with bringing you back to earth.

  8. Heidi

    Sometimes at work I find myself so busy and stressed that it seems impossible to sit back relax and ground. Earth chakra has becoming important to at least keep around me on a daily basis so I can go back to focusing and handling any task at hand rather than be all over the place, hyper and ultimately; when it’s over, drained.

  9. Sarah Danevich

    Thank you Shanti Kai essences! This was a tough morning with getting baby and myself ready to get to day care and work. Earth helped me and baby feel it will be ok. Especially with any fears about getting in trouble because I’m going to be late. and emerald light helped relax that little body of hers as well as mommy.

  10. Alice Boucher

    I’ve been working with Earth Essence for anxiety I’ve been experiencing over the Holidays. My work is so busy and I have a million things going on but my anxiousness got so intense that it was preventing me from getting things done.  I tuned into where I was feeling anxious/ungrounded… I then sprayed feet, forehead, low back, crown etc with intention of releasing fear/anxiety. I decided that I would use the Essence every 5 minutes to see if my fear could calm down. I felt it shift with each round and had to do 3 rounds of spraying, the latter focusing on areas I was holding the anxiety (heart and stomach) until I felt really calm and centered. I was then able to get a bunch of stuff done and off my to do list.  When I tuned in to work with the spray I felt a shift – I felt I could better control my mind. And without the spray I’m relying on my own willpower to get myself shifted out of it, which is like pushing a boulder up a mountain–almost impossible.

  11. Christina

    I recently watched your ShantiKai video about the Earth Chakra Essence so I wanted to write a testimonial for you since I resonated with the words in the video.

    I have been using Earth Chakra Essence during the start of the school year for grounding. It is usually a stressful time to begin with new students. In the past I would find myself getting frustrated about little things. I noticed that after using Earth Chakra, I haven’t been getting frustrated or anxious as much but I didn’t know why. Now I realize that I have been purposely wearing comfortable shoes and have been making a habit of walking more. My walking has helped me develop my roots; it has also helped me move through emotions. I didn’t realize in the moment but now I know Earth Chakra has been helping me walk more and connect with the Earth.


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