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Removing Obstacles™

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Working with Ganesha ~ Saturn Block

For clearing obstacles and building a vibration to counter resistance.

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Removing Obstacles™: Working with Ganesha ~ Saturn Block

Often times you set goals or intentions but for some reason you find yourself unable to bring them to fruition. You want to achieve certain things or grow in certain ways but can feel stuck despite your best efforts. Sometimes the reason you remain stuck or have difficulties achieving your goals is because there is underlying resistance or obstacles that get in your way. This could include false or negative beliefs you may carry (even sub or unconsciously), negative emotions, or other countering energies or blockages. Often times you aren’t even aware of things that can cause you to struggle. Removing Obstacles™ helps with clearing out these obstacles and building a vibration to counter resistance, allowing you to align with and build energy towards reaching your goals.

Removing Obstacles™ contains several flowers known to be special to Ganesha. In each case, the flowers were first offered to Ganesha in a sacred celebration before being made into vibrational infusions. All gemstones found in this blend were blessed and used in Ganesha ceremonies in India.

Removing Obstacles™ Essence is made with a careful combination of flowers, minerals, orchids, color frequencies and other ingredients synergistically blended to bring optimum balance to all things Saturn. And of course, what you specifically require may vary depending on your individual needs and may also change with time, depending on transits, dashas, and other factors. See our FAQ on methods of Essence Selection and/or our Ask a Question in our services section, or contact us for more information.

A portion of our proceeds are donated to charity.

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4 reviews for Removing Obstacles™

  1. Zillah

    REMOVING OBSTACLES, I use it and say a small prayer Asking for whatever help u need to remove. Ex: like burdens, negative thoughts feelings, tensions.

  2. Anna Snow

    This spray, when followed with Transformation, has been a serious life-saver when it comes to managing anxiety and depression. I’ve been amazed at the number of instances where it has come in useful, helping me to clear whatever was affecting me and return me to a state of calm.

  3. Riggs

    This spray is extremely strong and effective. Be prepared for it to work more than you might expect! Removing Obstacles has truly helped me on my spiritual journey.

  4. Mel Pote

    I love this product. It has changed my life!

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