Shanti Kai™ 1st Muladhara™ Essence Spray - Root Chakra Balance


1st Muladhara™: Root Chakra

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Use to release fears associated with having enough time, money, energy, luck, work, support, etc, and to draw in energy of abundance. Size: 2oz Spray.

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Do you experience worry around not having enough money, prestige, power, time, love, energy or attention? Do you feel you have to compete with others to get ahead? Or that someone else can take what you have and leave you without? Do you sometimes feel you don’t belong or worry about ending up alone?

A balanced Root Chakra may help you to:

  • Release limiting beliefs and fears
  • Overcome fear around not having enough
  • Manifest Abundance
  • Resolve family issues
  • Feel secure and release feelings of jealousy and envy
  • Strengthen your sense of identity and feelings of belonging

Living abundantly without fear is within your grasp, and a strong and balanced Root Chakra is the first step.

How to use it

Our spray can be applied directly over the front and back of the Root Chakra including legs and feet, as well as over other sensitive areas such as the forehead/third-eye area, temples, and neck region. May also benefit along spine, breasts/chest area, and abdomen.

Ingredients: Vibrational Infusions of 14 wild, tree, and Native Hawaiian Flowers, 1 Orchid, 15 Gemstones, 3 Precious Metals, 8 Essential Oils, and Frequencies of Red and White Light in 20% Alcohol (as a preservative), and Purified Water.

More About Muladhara:

The First or Root Chakra, known in Sanskrit as Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine. It relates to your connection to the Earth, to family and identity issues, and to abundance and primal issues such as survival, “having enough”, and fears related to lack. The color most commonly used for balancing the root chakra is red.

Muladhara Companion Essences™:

While it’s not necessary to use other products to receive benefit, below are a list of ways we recommend using Muladhara Chakra™:

  • Use with Throat Chakra to promote peaceful communication in families
  • Use with Sacral Chakra to improve spousal or partner relations
  • Use with Solar Plexus Chakra to bring a sense of grounding in your work
  • Use with Heart Chakra for being in the flow of giving and receiving
  • Use with Third Eye Chakra for enhancing wisdom (release of fear can help clear up intuition)
  • Use with Crown Chakra for connecting to both the earth (roots) and the heavens (sky), and staying grounded in spirituality

Check out our videos featuring Muladhara™ Essence:

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5 reviews for 1st Muladhara™: Root Chakra

  1. Janet

    This essence helped me feel incredibly grounded and at ease during a time of turmoil and unrest. I would use it over my root chakra whenever anxiety came over me and it helped calm me down and eased my anxiety. I also noticed it was much easier to keep my thoughts focused on abundance instead of lack, which is something I struggle with sometimes.

  2. Dave D

    After my first daughter was born I had no idea what was an appropriate parenting style. I knew how I was raised and I remember what I liked and didn’t like about that, so I struggled to come up with some style based on my parents. Overall the beginning felt like a dream, one that I had no control over. Root chakra helped me ground in the reality and release the anxieties that I would make the same mistakes as my parents and to find my own identity as a new parent

  3. Sarah D

    I used this spray on my family after our daughter was born. Mostly for me to feel safe and protected in my new role but also to help alleviate any anxiety or stress amongst us. Finally I started with this chakra essence to use on my new born daughter for the first year of her life to help her develop her root chakra.

  4. Rachel

    I have battled anxiety for as long as I can remember. Constantly feeling ungrounded and fearful. This spray has helped me immensely to remove that energy of fear and anxiety.

  5. Anna

    I have been experiencing some lower back discomfort and so visited the Essence Selection Guide on this website to see if I could find an essence suggestion for my issue. For back issues one of the suggestions listed was using Removing Obstacles and Root Chakra as companion essences. I have been alternating using them on this area every 15 minutes or so and have experienced significant relief from the discomfort and the resultant anxiety.

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