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Amethyst Light Essence™ is the perfect essence when seeking Spiritual Transformation, Divine Healing, Wisdom, or the Mystic Experience. Use when doing healing, meditation, or prayer work, needing to forgive or move into compassion, or calling on the presence of Archangel Zadkiel.

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Amethyst Light™: Divine Frequencies of Purple

Shanti Kai™ Amethyst Light™ Essence vibrates on a spectrum of purple wavelengths relating to Worthiness, Devotion, Spirituality, Mysticism, Wisdom, and Transformation.  It contains gemstones and flowers that, in essence form, emit purple frequencies of light. Purple is a regal color that has long since been a symbol of wealth and royalty in the material world and a symbol of worthiness and attainment in the spiritual. Use when doing healing, meditation, or prayer work, needing to forgive or move into compassion, or calling on the presence of Archangel Zadkiel, the Angel of Mercy and Forgiveness, virtues which enable deep spiritual transformation. Moreover, Zadkiel helps you forgive; and it is true that you will sleep better if you forgive others, letting both them and yourself “off the hook”… Purple is also the color of a balanced crown chakra, the chakra that governs your sleep cycles. Moreover, Zadkiel helps you to forgive and it is true that you will sleep better if you forgive others, letting both them and yourself “off the hook.”

Vibrational Infusions of 6 Flowers, 5 Orchids, 9 Gemstones, Frequencies of Purple Light and 5 Essential Oils.

Check out our Amethyst Master Blend which contains all of our Amethyst Essence variations.

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7 reviews for Amethyst Light™

  1. Sarah

    This essence was essential to the coming of my first baby. We used a lot of this to set up the birth room. It helped me feel so strongly connected to what was about to happen and come. After she was born we continued to use this on her head to help her integrate in her new place in this world.

  2. Jayme, Honolulu

    I use Amethyst Light with Emerald Light when I’m working with clients on deep energetic levels. I like to use Healer Within and Release It on my clients as well, but for myself, to keep me going during a session I often like to work with the Amethyst Light and Emerald Light.

  3. Jon, Hawaii

    I’m a hairdresser and I can’t live without Amethyst Light and the Crown Chakra sprays. My absolute faves! I use them on all my clients and tell them to get ready for a transformation starting with their hair.

  4. Chris, 48, San Diego

    I work in a busy gift store that specializes in alternative healing and self-help, and often find my days full of interactions with customers looking to improve their conditions or situations. During the course of the day, I often find myself feeling stuck, like I’m helping everyone else find something they need to move on but I remain in the same place. I had a reading with Jayme and asked her what she would recommend for this and she said “Amethyst Light” because I am in my dharma offering support to all these people and suggested that if I remembered my higher purpose in supporting others rather than focusing on feeling stuck in a retail job that it might help. So I started working with Amethyst Light™ and found that I had a complete shift in how I saw myself… in fact after working from this new space I became encouraged to work as a life coach and to seek training on the side to do this. I am still at the store but now I also offer my services outside of my regular work hours and am much, much happier with where I am at.

  5. Lorna Kailiuli

    First saw amethyst light mixed with white light and on each side of me the amethyst light looked more solid and then they formed like wings. That indicated angels were all around. Was made aware of many of them circling going upwards and it felt like eternity, which probably was, then there were those angels flying down, it made a synchronized pattern. It felt like prayers and answers. It was like even if the individual was not aware of saying a prayer or a desire the universe knew and worked on their behalf for their highest good with good to all concerned.

  6. Lorna Kailiuli

    I highly recommend Shanti Kai Essences. Although I’ve tried Color Blend, I have no doubt on Jayme’s other essences. She is a gifted healer. My husband have neuroendocrine cancer I have tried Color Blend essences on him. He was feeling pain in his stomach and back on Tuesday which he didn’t feel in a long time so I sprayed all the Color Blend essences on him and the next day the pain went away. On Thursday we went to see the doctor and he said everything seems to be okay, he said to just wait and see. Today is Sunday and no pain! Thank you Jayme! Highly, highly recommend your essences!

  7. Penny

    My daughter and I had to adjust to a new earlier morning schedule. This was due to her starting kindergarten. No matter what I tried, earlier bed time, alarm clocks, promises of treats, she wouldn’t get up on time. After weeks of this I started using Amethyst Light Essence before bedtime. Almost immediately I saw her adjust, she now gets up earlier than me and wakes me up!

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