Indigo Light™

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Indigo Light Essence™ may assist you in breaking free from worldly distraction, clearing psychic debris, cutting through third eye clutter, and achieving states of heightened intuition, awareness, and expanded or higher states of consciousness.

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Indigo Light™: Frequencies of Indigo Blue

For Clearing Third Eye Clutter ~ Expanded States of Awareness ~ Intuition

The color Indigo is like a deep, midnight sky. It is related to the third eye chakra, to expansion, meditation, intuition, and Cosmic Consciousness. Whereas lighter color blues have come to represent outward communication and expression, Indigo represents communing inward, enabling you to experience the connection between the finite and the infinite. In the world today, you are constantly bombarded with distractions and it can be hard to sit and meditate or find inner silence. Everything you hear and see is imprinted in your mind, and when you sit to meditate, it all starts to come up. Sometimes there can be so much mental clutter that it is hard to focus in your daily life, and your intuition becomes blocked and you can no longer hear your higher guidance system. Shanti Kai™ Indigo Light™ may assist you in breaking free from worldly distraction, clearing psychic debris, cutting though third eye clutter, and achieving states of heightened intuition, awareness, and expanded or higher states of consciousness.

Key ingredients of our Indigo Light™ Essence include frequencies of Indigo Light and several essential oils including Sandalwood, Blue Tansy, and Blue Lotus. Some have reported the experience of being enveloped in an Indigo mist after several days of using this essence.

Vibrational infusion of Indigo Light, 1 Flower, 3 Gemstones, 2 Sacred Gemstones, and 8 Essential Oils.

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Shanti Kai™ Companion Essences for Mind Clearing

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6 reviews for Indigo Light™

  1. Douglas

    My experience with the Indigo Light: I once sprayed it on me just to have it, soon after spraying it I stood to leave the area I was in but noticed the world had suddenly turned gray. People were black and white, no sounds were heard, the world was moving slower than I was, then in a bright flash of purple-blue (indigo) light the world came back into focus. People were talking, cars were moving and I stood still with my boyfriend asking if I was ok. I simply nodded completely amazed at what had just happened

    My second experience was when I was meditating, after spraying it on myself I closed my eyes and began to drift. I saw a version of myself sitting in meditation style but black and white with a gem on my forehead and another version of myself completely colored. There was a mist that floated all about myself and as I reached into the grey version of myself I noticed each time I pulled something black out the gem began to glow a purple or indigo color. After a few items were removed the gem shone so brightly in purple-indigo light that it flashed and suddenly I was awake again.

  2. Rocco

    Using this one during meditation was very helpful in calming my mind and in turn had a very relaxing effect on my body and soul. It was also very helpful with feelings of overwhelm.

  3. Sarah

    Indigo light was such a helpful tool for me while I processed out many lessons of judgement and self esteem issues. It helped me feel clear and strong and not so effected by those holding the same issues. Especially in the work place!

  4. Lorna Kailiuli

    I saw Ganesha, then two tiny balls of light came together with a big bang or click. When they came together, bolts of lightening or electricity emitted from them. I feel the clicking with the lightening bolts or electricity takes one into clairvoyance or visualization. Seeing Ganesha indicated miraculous visions. If one was fully balanced or had good intentions or maybe not they would be able to see visions of a miraculous nature. Of course everyone may see in a different way, it just depends.

  5. Anna Snow

    I’ve sprayed this during times of feeling down and it really helped me to draw inward and find and reconnect with my spiritual center, and ground myself that way. It also has a really nice scent!

  6. Caitlin

    This is my favorite essence! I work in a high stress environment where everyone is constantly negative and in my space. When I use this essence on my third eye and base of skull it calms and grounds me. It helps clear out all of the negativity around me and makes me feel like my happy self. Also, the fragrance of this essence is amazing too! At any given time this essence is always in my purse. Absolute life saver!!

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