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Violet White™ is the perfect essence to use to keep yourself connected into a pure and positive space in the midst of every day life as well as in spiritual practice, such as prayer, yoga or meditation.

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Violet White™: Prayer, Yoga, and Meditation

Shanti Kai™ Violet White™ is the perfect essence to use to keep yourself connected into a pure and positive space in the midst of every day life as well as in spiritual practice, such as prayer, yoga, or meditation. Regardless of how much negativity might exist in the world, there is always a higher plane you can tap into. Violet White Essence helps you tune into the higher vibrations that are always present, even in the loudest, lowest and toughest of places. Shanti Kai™ Violet-White™ is comprised of a powerhouse of ingredients including rare, high frequency Orchids and frequencies of violet-white light. Violet-White Color Frequencies help blanket out distraction and encourage a higher level of focus or meditation, while high frequency orchids work to create a spiral of energy enveloping your heart and upper chakras. This spiral reaches up and funnels all the way up to Source Energy thereby promoting a “Vibrational Lift” in consciousness. Violet White Essence™ may also be good to help you lift out of low energy or depleted states and may be used as a room spray to raise the vibrational state of a place or space.

Vibrational Infusions of 4 Flowers, 8 Orchids, 6 Gemstones, 6 Essential Oil, and Frequencies of Violet-White Light, in Purified Water and 20% Brandy.

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4 reviews for Violet White™

  1. SB

    I give my dog Hearts Ease & Violet White and I find that Violet White helps align her energy while the Hearts Ease helps her feel safe and more trusting in times where she would be more territorial. It helped her adjust to a visitor staying with us for 4 days that at first she wasn’t taking a liking to.

  2. Margaret

    Although this essence says it’s for spiritual practice, I use it religiously to keep me in good spirits. I was going thru some difficult things with family illness and was feeling ungrounded and down trodden. When I first used Violet White I had a lot of sensations around the crown of my head and I was concerned about using it again. I spoke with Jayme at Shanti Kai and she recommended I try to alternate it with the Earth essence. Ever since then this has been a magical addition to my routine. I carry it everywhere I go.

  3. Lorna Kailiuli

    A dog in the form of quartz crystal came up and licked me. As it licked me, it knew what was the matter with me. I’ll call this dog a he. From within the dog came this violet light which transformed my energy when he licked me which was magnified by the crystal. This “Violet White” essence also have powerful protection energy indicated by the dog form. I feel this “Violet White” essence moves you up in awareness or unveils it.

  4. Anna Snow

    I felt a very strong divine connection when using this essence before doing some prayer work and journaling. It really helped to lift my perspective to one where everything that happens is a blessing and part of a greater plan, something that I often “know” intellectually but don’t always feel.

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