Crystal Children™

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Crystal Children™ Essence blend was created to help these special children develop their natural skills and abilities, and to navigate the outside world.

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Crystal Children™ Essence

Crystal Children, or children of the Crystal vibration, are children who are very sensitive and psychic. They have a very high vibration and embody unconditional love. These children are often diagnosed as autistic, or have autistic-like behaviors and characteristics because they are different than the average child. They are often introverted and are highly sensitive with respect to everything around them – both relating to their physical senses (sound, touch, smell), but also to injustice, violence, and the mistreatment of others due to their strong empathic nature. They often disconnect or retreat inwards when feeling overwhelmed or upset. They tend to be quiet, for they are ruled by intuition and telepathy and may find words unnecessary. They may struggle processing many different types of energies, and as such often avoid busy or crowded places. They are extremely loving, bright, talented, and intuitive. They have a strong spiritual connection with their higher selves and often want to heal others. They can form extremely strong bonds with those of a pure nature.

It is said Crystal Children are here to change humanity, and often times they have powerful healing and peacemaking abilities. Crystal Children™ Essence blend was created to help these special children develop their natural skills and abilities, and to navigate the outside world.

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  1. Sarah Danevich

    I have loved and followed Shanti Kai for some time, but there has been no single essence that has surpassed my expectations more so than Crystal Children. I started incorporating this in my daughter’s essence routine a few times a day and within the first week I started to notice a behavior change – she started to have less ups and downs (which I used to just blame on blood sugar, sleepiness or just general irritability). After about a month, she has developed a new flow and calmness to her that continues to impress me daily. For example, when I go to a crowded place, she is no longer irritable, or demanding me to buy her things. And when she is approached by a pet or stranger she meets them with grace rather than curtness. Oh and what a blessing this essence was when we took a family trip to Disney…ZERO meltdowns.

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