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Fairy Dust™

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Guidance from sweet realms of nature.

An enchanting blend of nature’s magic. Key flowers combine with gemstones to create an essence that’s both enchanting and enlightening.

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Fairy Dust™ Essence: Summon a Flutter of Faeries to your side with Fairy Dust™, an enchanting blend of nature’s magic. An infusion of near ethereal Orchids and fairy filled Tree Flowers, combine with celestial gemstones, mystical minerals and exotic essential oils to create an enlightening essence that is sure to entice.

While there’s no such thing as nature in a bottle, Fairy Dust™ attempts to get pretty close. Imagine with each spray sparkles of soft blue healing light disperse throughout your energy field, going to work to help magically uplift, guide, and show you the way. What’s more, brilliant little beams of light settle in on short circuits or breaks in your electrical field (in the area of your aura), and almost as if following a blueprint, begin to magically sew your etheric body back together. Filled with vibrations of enchanted flowers, orchids, gemstones, and minerals that work on the higher (8th and up) chakras, Fairy Dust™ may help you experience all that is light and playful, yet at the same time commune with a higher order of intelligence. You may experience an instantaneous lightness with this essence, but the deeper results may be best experienced using Fairy Dust™ over a period of time.*

Here’s a Tip for you: Some people also like using Fairy Dust™ to invoke an enchanted quality to their sleep; because nature knows how to heal, how to restore your physical, mental, and emotional states. Fairy Dust™ Flower Essence is sure to bring a sense of playfulness to lighten your mood….and can also help inspire the sweetest of dreams. A few sprays of this essence with its exotic aroma, over and around your bed and pillow, and throughout your auric field, and you’re sure to have a team of fairies at your service all night… (so be sure to make a wish!)

This Essence was discovered by “accident”, in what was an ongoing attempt to evolve and advance a base blend that had been created to help “balance and uplift”. The creator noticed after adding a certain synergy of ingredients to the blend, that it practically “lit up” with sparkles of light. And what’s more, her cats would go wild jumping for joy and full of play whenever she tested this spray. In blind testing, with no aroma present, she could identify the spray as could the cats by the sparkling energy… it was so amazing that she described it to a friend as being a sort of “Fairy Dust!” As soon as she spoke those words “Fairy Dust” she knew she had to change the name. But don’t mistake this blend for lightweights or “airy fairy” types or for those that believe in “this sort of thing”… this Essence is by no means “that”. This is an intense blend for connecting with your own higher guidance system, especially in matters of healing and advancing your work.

Vibrational infusions of 6 Flowers, 6 Orchids, 10 Gemstones, 4 Essential Oils, Frequencies of Sky Blue, Peach, and Light Jade Green Light in Purified Water and 20% Brandy (as a preservative).

Read more at our blog: Fairy Dust Essence™ ~ In Dust We Trust

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2 fl oz spray, 2 fl oz spray SALE, 2 fl oz spray TESTER, 4 fl oz spray CLEARANCE

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  1. AB

    I always feel happy and light after spraying this essence on me. And I love the smell. There’s something very comforting about it.

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