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Jasmine: Love™

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Shanti Kai™ Jasmine: Love™ Essence is infused with multiple varieties of Jasmine. It aligns you with this consciousness and energy of Divine Love, also known as Agape, or brotherly love: love for all humanity.

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Jasmine: Love™ is for attuning to the enchantment of altruistic unconditional love and agape. Jasmine: Love™ is filled with the jasmine family of flowers.  It’s sweetness is unmatched; and it’s uplifting energy may help open any heart to the magic of love. This Essence has a way of uplifting your soul, even in the darkest of nights. Unfortunately, all too often there is a tendency to go through life on the outskirts of this higher consciousness, unaware that you are made of the very Love that surrounds you. This Essence can help align you with this consciousness and energy of Divine Love, also known as Agape, or brotherly love: love for all humanity.

It may be beneficial to spray this Essence around the room at night or before bed, and if you awaken during the night, to increase feelings of unconditional love and safety. Use during the day, especially when you need an emotional or spiritual boost, or to feel reminded that you are loved.

Jasmine Essence™ paired with Shanti Kai™ Venus Essence™ can be particularly powerful as we are aligning with Love on the more familiar sensual, physical level (that reflects our everyday consciousness), as well as with Agape, or love on the altruistic and Divine level, which encourages you to embrace, love, and help others.

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1 review for Jasmine: Love™

  1. Anna Snow

    I notice an increase in feelings of self-love and compassion when taking this essence. Such a great tool to have as someone who tends to self-criticize.

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