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Take Me Away™


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Easing Stress ~ Enhancing Rest

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Take Me Away™ is formulated with Essences traditionally known to balance issues related to relaxation and stress – to take you away – transcending time and space.

Formulated with a combination of Essences known for balancing the crown chakra (i.e. which governs important hormonal control centers including circadian rhythms), it has a harmonious effect on uplifting the mind and lifting stress. Hawaiian Flower Essences in the blend work to ease worry and help dispel fears, as well as bring a sense of protection, benefitting pets and kids. It also may be helpful in the calming of negative thoughts and emotions that could otherwise be a hindrance to relaxation and rest – as well as increase the likelihood of nightmares and stress.

Mineral synergies in Take Me Away™ further work to release blockages in the crown, discouraging issues with sleep (such as nightmares and terrors). Whats more, vibrational infusions of key orchids go to work on unwinding tension – soothing the mind and encouraging the body to follow suit. Unlike traditional sleep aids, Take Me Away™ is not meant to lure you off to sleep, but rather to lull you away to a more peaceful place. Its sweet aroma and carefully crafted synergy are designed to evoke the feeling of being on vacation – enhancing energies of serendipity and inspiring sweet dreams.

Tip: For best results, shake well and spray around your third eye (i.e. forehead), temples, throat, neck, heart center, and/or around your crown – or – use as a room spray to inspire vacation-like vibes (i.e. especially around your pillow and bed). Alternatively, simply shake well and spray throughout your aura, take a deep breath, and let its sweetness … take you away.

Read more about Take Me Away™ at our Essentials Starter Kit Blog.

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