Energetic Wellness System


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Contains 12 Essence blends designed to target multiple levels of health and wellness.

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Our Energetic Wellness System is comprised of 12 Essence Blends for well-being.

Step 1: Earth Chakra™ – Grounding & Adapting

Connect with Mother Earth for improving feet, let, and spine issues on an energetic level, and increasing your overall sense of grounding. Ideal for promoting the strong foundation needed for success, allowing you to be flexible, adaptable, and to weather any storm life brings your way.


Step 2: Release It™ – Deep Release of Energy Blocks

For when you’re ready to let go and lighten your load…Spray over areas of tension to release physical aches & pain, & other stress related symptoms at the source! Also great for releasing emotional baggage, bad habits, as a tool for weight loss and other goals.


Step 3: Clear My Space™ – Aura and Room Cleanse

Clear your aura and purify your space! Negative energies can accumulate causing harm to your energy and overall well-being. A twice daily detox to clear negativity is a must! Also ideal for your home, car, office, when traveling, after being in crowded areas, and as part of your daily energetic maintenance.


Step 4: Guardian Angel™ – Energetic Protection

Use this before you travel, go in crowds, and before you sleep, to strengthen your energy field and prevent energy drain. Loaded with plant and mineral synergies traditionally used to shield and strengthen the aura, including harmful environmental rays. Also for increasing feelings of safety, easing worries and releasing fears.


Step 5: ImmunEase™ – Immune System Intelligence

Works to energetically support your immune system against stress, helping to promote greater vitality and shielding. This essence is a great companion for flu/allergy season and/or for traveling. Best if used proactively at least a week before date(s) of concern.


Step 6: Healer Within™ – Stress and Trauma Blend

A soothing, calming blend designed to ease stress and trauma, while energetically promoting deep levels of healing. Can be taken at frequent intervals during times of overwhelm (i.e. every 15 to 30 minutes) until undesirable symptoms subside*. May benefit rest and relaxation, help you balance stress and overwhelm, and promote healing while you sleep.


Step 7: Shungite Plus™ – Detox & Regeneration

For targeting distress in the physical subtle bodies, where trauma can accumulate and hinder your innate healing capacity. Encourages physical rejuvenation and energetic shielding, helping you retain energies needed for regeneration. Spray directly over affected areas.


Step 8: Lighten Up™ – Emotional Balance

Take a walk in the clouds with this essence, and gain new perspective as you soar to new heights. For clearing your emotional subtle bodies, where heavy or negative feelings can accumulate. Also great for times of stress, when heaviness can set in, causing life to feel too serious. Also works well as a room spray for clearing areas where arguments or conflict has taken place.


Step 9: Transitions™ – Gentle Change

Ideal for transitioning with ease through life’s changes. Whether they simply be Monday mornings, seasonal shifts or related to career, partnerships, changes in location, and/or loss of a loved one, this essence helps stabilize the heart chakra during life’s shifts. It is also ideal for summoning motivation and breaking non-beneficial habits.


Step 10: Evolve™ – Balancing Brain Chakras

Helps to energetically boost your mind power by activating the lesser known chakras of your brain. By recharging and realigning your nadis and meridians (important nerve channels known in Vedic science to be the key to proper nervous system and mental processing) and energetically strengthening memory, learning and other brain functions. Also good for breaking through boundaries and mental blocks, enabling you to Evolve.


Step 11: Violet White™ – Spiritual Well-Being

Promote spiritual health and well being, enabling you to lift above life’s trifles, and rise above lower vibrations that would weaken your energy field resulting in fatigue and/or negativity. Use before yoga, meditation, breathwork, and other spiritual practices to enhance your experience and deepen your internal drishti. Recommended as a room spray to raise the vibration of a space or place, especially before spiritual practice, healing work, sleep, and/or when traveling.


Step 12: Take Me Away™ – Peaceful Slumber

Designed to promote peaceful slumber and ease nightmares and other issues that interfere with proper rest. A synergistic blend of ingredients help to encourage circadian rhythm balance, helping you align with natures rhythms and better sync time shifts, travel, and other lifestyle changes that can interfere with the quality of your rest.


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