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Essentials Starter Kit


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The perfect way to get started with our essences or stock up on essentials. Our Starter Kit includes: Clear My Space™: Aura & Room Cleanse, Guardian Angel™: Protection Blend, Healer Within™: Stress Blend, ImmunEase™: Energetic Immune System Support, Take Me Away: Peaceful Slumber.

For detailed instructions on working with our starter kit, check out our Shanti Kai™ Essentials Starter Kit Blog.

Available kit sizes:

– 2 oz sprays of Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™, and 1/2 oz droppers of Healer Within™, ImmunEase™, and Take Me Away™ (Note that our Take Me Away™ Essence has replaced our Sweet Dreams™ Essence).

– 2 oz sprays of all five essences.

Use up to 10100 - 14900 points to purchase this product!


Shanti Kai™ Essentials Starter Kit

  • Clear My Space™ Room & Aura Cleanse: Purifies space and/or aura; clears out negative energy while drawing in vibrations of peace and light.
  • Guardian Angel™ Protection Blend: Strengthens and enhances auric shielding; helps shield and protect you from negativity. Good to use before going into crowded or busy places.
  • Healer Within™ Stress Blend : May promote soothing and calming; may help alleviate stress and encourages healing on a deep level.
  • ImmunEase™: May promote strength, vitality and shielding. May help energetically boost the immune system.
  • Take Me Away™ : May encourage restful sleep. Contains essences traditionally used to balance circadian rhythms.

For detailed instructions on working with our starter kit, check out our Shanti Kai™ Essentials Starter Kit Blog..

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