Jet Lag Kit


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.Shanti Kai™ Jet Lag Kit™

Features our full set of Jet Lag Essences, including the following:

Garnet Glow™: Can be helpful for relieving issues of stagnation, allowing ‘travel toxins’ to filter out before they form blockages within your system.

Emerald Light™: A synergy of Hawaiian Flower and Minerals formulated to rejuvenate and revitalize.  It acts on the emotional subtle body, soothing the heart, and easing heavier energies, such as those tied to negative emotion.  Emerald Light™ can thus can be helpful for emotional support during travel, as it so often involves heartfelt goodbyes. Emerald Light™ can further help you rebalance from travel related fatigue as exhaustion can often kick in.

Golden Aura™: Designed to help increase your prana or life force, which is often depleted during travel.  It can be especially helpful when flying, as you change elevations and the quality of air changes, as well as when traveling to new places by other means (i.e. car, boat, train, etc.) and being exposed to different people and environments.  

Indigo Light™: Helps with balancing and refocusing the mind after travel and can be especially beneficial for enhancing intuition and releasing tension.

Frequencies of White Light™: Focuses on purification and sealing of the energy field, so as to keep you whole and complete within yourself,  cocooned in a bubble of white light.  It is calming and soothing and can help allay your fears, should flight fright or nerves kick up.

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