Shanti Kai™ Land Cleansing Essence Kit for Homes & Spaces


Land Clearing Kit


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Includes 2-oz sprays of the following essences: Release It™, Clear My Space™, Earth Chakra™, Lighten Up™, and Violet White™.

See directions below on how to do a land clearing using these essences or download our Land Clearing Brochure.

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Land Clearing Kit: Featuring Release It™, Clear My Space™, Earth Chakra™, Lighten Up™, and Violet White™.

The following steps guide you through the process of doing a land cleansing. These instructions are for doing an entire house/building, but you can always do just one room (or a few) if you have areas of the house that tend to collect energy or feel particularly heavy or uncomfortable. You can also do one round in the whole house and then repeat the process for any rooms that need extra attention.

  1. Start at the lowest level of the house first (i.e. basement if you have one or first floor) and work your way through each room on that level before proceeding to the higher floors. If you are in an apartment building, you can focus on just your apartment, but if you want to do common areas of the building that’s fine too.
  2. With each essence, you will spray 10-20 sprays depending on the size of the room. You can spray each corner once and a few sprays around the center of the room. If you are guided to spray a different pattern, feel free to follow that. You can dowse with your pendulum or other method to test if more is needed after each step.
  3. Move through each room spraying Release It™ – which is used to help release any stuck or stagnant energies in the room. If there is a burial or has been death in the space this may pull up these energies. For this reason, we recommend spraying low at first. Continue until you’ve sprayed every room in your house. Be sure to include a spray or 2 in closets also.
  4. Once you’ve gone through your entire house, take a moment and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and quiet your mind. Visualize the earth under your home releasing – (it knows what to do.) If something feels stuck or incomplete you may want to ask your higher self (or your pendulum) if there’s any rooms or areas that need extra sprays…and follow your intuition if it guides you to spray more. Note it is normal for “stuff” (aka energy or psychic debris) to be unearthed and not fully released at this step – that is why we have Clear My Space™ and Lighten Up™ in following steps.
  5. Once that feels complete, repeat steps 2-4 using Clear My Space™, only spraying more at eye level (as opposed to down low). Remember energy gets stuck in all the places you don’t like to be – like corners, dark or cool areas, areas that are shut off or unused. This will help clear out all of the energy that the Release It™ spray is loosening and helping to release. Clear My Space™ is our most robust cleanser and works on multiple levels to repel, transform, transmute, dissolve, and release negativity of all kinds – it gets the energy that has already worked it’s way to the surface and is thus a good chaser to Release It™.
  6. Once that feels complete, repeat steps 2-4 using Earth Chakra™. This will help restore and replenish vital frequencies in your space to balance and harmonize the energy. Earth Chakra™ has gemstones from every continent, and over 12 newly evolved and newly discovered Gemstones – these house the frequencies that are most needed on the planet “now” – so it is very effective in balancing spaces and bringing a grounded and supportive energy, especially after you’ve released and cleared the energy with the previous 2 essences.
  7. Once that feels complete, repeat steps 2-4 using Lighten Up™. This helps lighten the energy of the space. Feel free to use extra in spaces that tend to feel heavy or draining. Lighten Up™ specifically targets emotional energy which tends to accumulate in the atmospheric plane – such as sadness and anger.
  8. Once that feels complete, repeat steps 2-4 using Violet-White™. This is a very high frequency essence that will help raise the vibration of your home so it will feel more peaceful and uplifting. It also will help establish a vortex of positive energy in your home. If you know how to create vortices you can use this in the process – if you do not know, don’t worry. We find by designating an area, the vortex itself forms. If there is a room that gets high use or an office where treatments occur, you may wish to establish a vortex there. After spraying all the space, find a spot that people do not frequent or inhabit or an area up high in the middle of the room and spray 7 times up high (above eye level) asking that a vortex of energy be established. This vortex will help pull negativity from your space. Make sure to state out loud that “only energies at or above the Christ Love frequency are allowed to enter.”

Download our Land Clearing Brochure

Once you’ve completed this land cleansing process, you should feel the energy of the house has shifted substantially. You can repeat the process as needed and even follow this process for individual rooms as needed also. We recommend you check back in 1 week to see if a followup is in order. After that you can set a regular time to cleanse such as once per month.

Learn more about the Shanti Kai Land Clearing Kit in the video below!

Vibrational Land Clearing with Shanti Kai™ 🍃 Frequency Infused Land Clearing Kits for Blessings

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