Shanti Kai™ Planetary Line Essence Blends Kit - Mars™️ and more


Planetary / Astro Kit


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Features 2oz sprays of all Essences from our Planetary Line, Essences that help us enhance positive planetary aspects while mitigating or softening the negative ones.

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Enhance your well-being by harmonizing with planetary changes with the Shanti Kai™️ Planetary Line Kit! The Shanti Kai™️ Planetary Line (sometimes referred to as the Astro Line) was inspired by the ancient Indian system of Ayurvedic medicine, which holds that there is a very close relationship between cosmic energy and the human experience. In Ayurveda, and other systems of healing, it’s understood that different gemstones and minerals can help mitigate different planetary influences. It’s also recognized that different plants and flowers have various relationships with different planets. The Shanti Kai™️ Planetary Essence Line was created over many trips to India where Dr. Jayme Jensen, creator of the Shanti Kai™️ Essence Line, studied under a Vedic Master who hailed from a lineage of Vedic doctors. Noting the similarity in plants between India and Hawaii, she found answers to questions about many of the plants she was already studying and of which she was trying to gain deep awareness of their purpose; she coupled this learning with her study of Vibrational Essences to put together this powerful line.

The Planetary Essence Line is designed to help mitigate some of the more challenging planetary aspects that can occur, such as those involving Saturn or the more commonly dreaded Mercury retrograde, which is known to bring up issues with mis-communication and technology. The Planetary Line was designed to bring greater consciousness to and alignment with this cosmic energy, and it can help you to align with and benefit from the positive aspects of planetary energy, such as using our Intuition Essence to harmonize with lunar phases to release the unwanted and bring in new goals, or with Prosperity™️ to align with expansion and opportunity. When used together as a set, the Planetary Essences provide a system for promoting balance and well-being, but they can also be used individually to tailor to different needs at any given moment, depending on what is going on in the cosmos.

Shanti Kai™ Planetary Line Kit features Essences from our Planetary / Astro Line and Golden Aura™ from our Color Line.

Earth Chakra™ Essence helps in grounding your energy, adjusting and adapting to life’s shifts and changes, and connecting to Mother Earth. May be beneficial for those who work in stressful indoor environments as it helps to bring in the Earth element which may offer balance for such a lifestyle.

Imagine™ Essence helps to balance the effects of the planet Neptune by grounding mental energies while encouraging creative thinking. It helps harness and enhance the imagination in a way that allows for clarity and a focus on what’s important. May be especially helpful for writers and others working in creative fields.

Ma-Hina™ Essence is formulated with rich Hawaiian Minerals, Rare Orchids, and exotic Hawaiian Flowers dedicated to the Moon Goddess “Hina”. Ma-Hina™ is a yin Essence with a gentle, stimulating effect on your Kundalini. It helps awaken the creative force within, deepening your connection to the Divine. Ma-Hina™ Essence further aids in clearing energetic blocks (e.g. trapped emotion) and can help balance sleep cycles. It can be especially helpful during times of emotional intensity, full moons, new moons, key astrological transits, hormonal changes, female cycles and various stages of motherhood.

Mars™ Essence may help you tap into that raw creative energy or initial inertia needed in order to get things moving in a new direction. It helps balance the effects of the planet Mars, bringing masculine energies into balance and invoking motivation and drive.

MercurEase™ Essence helps with receptivity and fluid communication of all types, and it fosters cooperation and harmony in interpersonal relationships. It promotes a clearer state of mind and greater flow of ideas, which makes it especially beneficial for those experiencing writers block. This is a great tool for anyone wanting to soften the effects of Mercury Retrograde.

Prosperity™ Essence helps you align with the positive aspect of Jupiter. It may be beneficial for overcoming issues with lack, feelings of overwhelm, struggles in relationships or jobs, or having to work hard with little success. It promotes well-being, higher-learning, optimism, expansion, and opportunity and provides energetic support for manifesting goals and attaining success.

Removing Obstacles™ Essence may help with clearing underlying blocks, such as false or negative beliefs, negative emotions, or other countering energies that may be preventing you from achieving your goals or intentions. It helps build a vibration that counters resistance so you can more easily align with and attain your goals. May also help with mitigating the effects of the planet Saturn.

Transformation™ Essence is especially helpful during painful experiences (such as unexpected loss, grief, illness, or disaster) to “soften” negativity and help one see the “Light”. Assists in using negative life experience to purge and bring in new energy. It is also helpful during healing work and meditation, and for balancing the effects of the planet Pluto.

Venus™ Essence blend may help you to embrace your “Inner Diva”, and to move into your comfort zone in the areas of romantic love and partnership. May also grant greater ease in social settings and align you with the feminine qualities of grace and receptivity.

Golden Aura™, our sun aligned Essence, works to enhance Prana or Life Force Energy, strengthening and balancing the energy field. Helps with balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra. Increases light flow from the 12th Chakra and beyond (where the Christ Consciousness resides), thereby strengthening and enhancing your organic energy and access to unconditional love and acceptance.


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