Bow Wow!™

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Bow Wow!™ is our special blend of gemstone and flower essences for dogs.

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Bow Wow!™ Canine Essence contains a carefully crafted blend of healing-focused gemstone and flower essences that are specially designed to be balancing for dogs. Potential benefits* may include:

  • Increased calm and relaxation
  • Increased balance and ease
  • Increased physical, mental, and emotional well-being
  • Increased ability to cope with changes and stress
  • Improved behavior
  • Improved response to other therapies, wellness alternatives, or healing techniques

Check out the “Essences for Pets” section of our Essence FAQ.

* Please see our disclaimer.

Watch the video below to learn more about selecting Essences for your pets!

Vibrational Essences & Your Pets! #petremedies #floweressencesforpets

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6 reviews for Bow Wow!™

  1. Sarah

    My dog, Heidi, has to spend more time at home and with a new cat sibling. I brought this essence home just in time! It helped her with her depression and even helped her bond with her new kitty-brother. I recommend Bow Wow! Essence for any dog needing to feel more dog-like and happy!

  2. Dawn

    I had an older dog I adopted that I knew had some underlying health problems and after having him for a few years i discovered he had some bladder issues. Well I went to visit my son and daughter in-law over Christmas, and she insisted I try bow wow. At the time I really thought we were going to lose my dog but I decided to give it a try. I couldn’t believe it, he started eating again and got to a healthy weight and he continued to get better for so much longer than I ever expected. I’m so grateful Shanti Kai brought some life back into my dog.

  3. Claire

    I swear that every time I spray my dog with Bow Wow he smiles

  4. Josh

    I recently let my friend borrow my Bow Wow spray when I saw his sweet older dog having some anxiety while in a crowd. Almost immediately she calmed down and the next thing I new, she was laying down and taking a nap

  5. Susan

    I just started a new high strung puppy client on Bow Wow sprays and drops. Not only did I see him calm down drastically in my training class, but now every time I see him he’s become more adjusted and significantly more mellow

  6. Susan

    I love recommending both the Bow Wow spray and drops, to be used together for newly adopted dogs and young puppies. It has been extremely helpful with stressful environmental adjustment periods. I also love to use it during my training classes. I start by spraying each dog at the beginning of the class, to help them to feel safe and calm. When I encounter any dogs needing extra love and care, I continue to use the Bow Wow spray until I see a shift in their behavior

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