Purrfect Sense™

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A special blend of gemstone and flower essences for cats, designed to help uplift, balance, and strengthen.

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Purrfect Sense™ is our special blend of gemstone and flower essences for cats.

This essence blend contains flower essences and gemstones essences that combined create a blend that is strengthening, balancing, and uplifting for your Meow-Meows. Purrfect Sense™ Essence may be added to cat’s water bowl or food, given as drop under the tongue, or applied on your hand and brushed over the cat’s fur. As a spray, suggested uses include spraying on or around your cat directly, on cat beds or perches, litter boxes, scratch posts, or anywhere else your cat likes to hang out. Although cats can be sprayed directly, our experience at Shanti Kai™ has been sprays produce “flying cats”, as most cats do not particularly like being sprayed.

Purrfect Sense™ Cat Essence can be made in water upon request but must be refrigerated and only has a 2 week shelf life. It’s not recommended that pets have alcohol, although some owners like to give a couple drops orally, we recommend applying the essence topically along the inner ear, or to the scalp or under the chin. For the latter two, simply move fur away and add a few drops directly. Felines under stress or duress can have repeated dosages every 15-30 minutes as needed until symptoms of stress subside. See Suggestions tab for more details.

Proceeds from sale are donated to cat shelters.

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11 reviews for Purrfect Sense™

  1. Michelle

    My cat has long since suffered from breathing ailments including sinus problems, asthma and allergies. When she started acting up a couple years ago I scheduled her an appointment with Jayme and she sent a bottle of Cat Essence after the session. My cat’s ailment got better right away and I gave her the essence drops in her water. From time to time the breathing trouble comes back on- often I’ve stopped using the drops or it’s change of season or some other thing stirring up her system. Usually I do a session and follow up with drops and it goes away. I’m so glad I’m not spending thousands on veterinary tests and medications that made my cat worse like I was before.

  2. Alice

    My cat, Ollie, has had chronic respiratory infections throughout the years, especially during periods of stress. Every time I moved to a new place, the stress would weaken her immune system and she’d develop a respiratory infection. I’d have to bring her to the vet and put her on antibiotics. This is always a horrible and stressful experience for both of us, since she hates taking the antibiotics and I struggle to administer them. The last time she started developing symptoms of congestion and sneezing, I was desperate to avoid putting her on antibiotics yet again. I felt helpless, like this cycle of sickness would haunt us forever. I booked a phone session with Jayme in hopes a different method would be effective without the stress and trauma associated with vet trips and medication. During the session, Jayme used her Shanti-Kai essence therapy techniques to help balance my cat. She also made a personalized essence tailored to Ollie’s specific needs, which I put on her cat treats twice a day. So easy! Within 2 days after the session, Ollie’s symptoms decreased dramatically and a few days after that she was back to her normal self. I was amazed and beyond grateful at how effective Shanti-Kai essence therapy was and the best part was my cat stayed comfortable and peaceful at home! To this day, I continue to give Ollie essences (especially Purrfect Sense!) and I really do believe she’s stayed a healthier kitty because of it.

  3. Rebecca

    My poor Archie was having a very hard time transitioning after a move – at the moment we are living somewhere I am not able to let him outside, though I have always purposely chosen places in the past where he could roam free and be a happy outdoor kitty. It’s been understandably hard on the poor little guy. A few months after we moved his frustration peaked and he started peeing in the house (not in his litter box even though he knows how to use it). This was very stressful for my roommate and I too because it is *not* easy to get rid of that smell! I’ve had excellent results with other Shanti Kai essences, so I ordered Purrfect Sense – and haven’t had a single problem since! This stuff is nothing short of miraculous. I also gave Archie an extra dose and sprayed some on his bedding before a ten hour drive to Canada for the holidays. He was a total zen master the whole way.

  4. Sarah

    I don’t have cats but I have been around cats that use this blend. Such a difference from before and after!! I saw them be more trusting and get healthier.

  5. Susan, Cat Owner, San Francisco California

    My cat was recently in a cat show. She had to be bathed and groomed extensively and absolutely hates any type of grooming. She was growling and very irritated even though she was in the hands of very caring specialists. Within about 20 minutes after 2 doses of Purrfect Sense she had completely calmed down and let the groomers work on her. In the past without the essence whoever grooms her leaves with scratches and bite marks. This time there were none. Moreover she did not stay “mad” about the grooming like she normally would. Moreover the day of the cat show I had forgotten to use the essence until we arrived. She was hissing at anyone that tried to groom her and was not in good spirits. I was worried she would not show well because of how unpleasant she was. The first round of shows came and she scowled and growled and got last place. I remembered the essences and started in with them. Her spirits improved remarkably and by the third round of the show she won first place and everyone was saying how beautiful and adorable she was. I will never forget this essence again! 

  6. Sarah Danevich

    Purrfect Sense has been a game changer with out new rescue cat. We adopted him with multiple health issues- including FIV, many of these health issues has since subsided (he still has FIV). But the best thing that Puurfect Sense has helped with is his personality. When we first got him, he was extremely aggressive with our dog and our toddler and would howl early in the morning and during the day. So we started using several drops on top of his food every feeding every day. Not only has his aggressive and territorial tendencies gone away, but the howling has almost stopped! Sometimes if I feel the need to help treat my cat, I’ll put seven or so drops on my hands or on direct spots like his spine or belly and rub it in and pet him, I find this calms him down and integrate him more into our family. Love this essence and love the pet line!

  7. Anna Snow

    My family’s cat, Murphy, often get’s bullied by the other two cats in the house. Last winter, likely due to cabin fever from the epic snow fall New England had, one of the other cats went after her so aggressively that she climbed up to the top of a book shelf and didn’t come down for a couple of days. After that she secluded herself behind the TV in the living room, only coming out if she absolutely had to. She loved if someone came to visit her and play with her back there but was clearly very traumatized and afraid of being out in the open. It really broke my heart. I sent my parents a bottle of this essence and suggested they put it in Murphy’s water. A couple of weeks later my Mom sent me a picture of Murphy curled up in my brother’s arms out in the middle of the living room just after having been given Purrfect Sense. She has since regained confidence in roaming around the house and I think this essence really helped!

  8. Alice Boucher

    My cats Ollie & Rellik often have respiratory issues during the changes of season. I used to have sessions with Jayme to bring them healing during these times (which was always very effective). However, after using this essence on them daily for the last several years, I found that I don’t need to have sessions for them anymore. They can handle the season changes much better and any sneezing that does occur clears up much more quickly, especially when I increase how much Purrfect Sense I give them. This essence has been a lifesaver in keeping my cats happy & healthy, and I make sure to never be without it!

  9. Rocco

    My cat Levon is one of the most chill animals on the planet… Until about 2:30am. Then you’d think that there was a herd of elephants in the house having a party with a herd of buffalos. He HATES being alone and locked out of my bedroom. But I just couldn’t deal with the nightly 3am wake up call. I started using perfect sense in his water at dinner time and before bed and he has really calmed down throughout the night!

  10. Carita

    I was heartbroken when my vet told me to prepare for end of life of my 16 year old kitty. She was in renal failure, was lethargic and began hiding in the back of my closet. I had heard about Shanti Kai’s products and purchased “Purrfect Sense” in the hope that it might give her some comfort. She seemed to welcome the essence as I rubbed it into her coat and on her ears. A gradual change came over her and it seemed her spirits lifted. She came out of hiding and welcomed attention again. She also began to respond to her medical treatment again. I am happy to say she is still with us and is back to her old self. I continue to rub “Purrfect Sense” into her coat daily as she happily purrs. I am excited to try other essences with her. Thank you for giving her comfort when she needed it most.

  11. Julie Prindle, Siamese Cat Owner, Kaneohe Hawaii

    My siamese gets so upset before the shows she meows and meows incessantly during the shows. She was so loud in the first show ring the judge commented on it as he couldn’t hear anything else. A half hour later I put a drop of Purrfect Sense™ and rubbed in her inner ear flap- right before the champion show ring. The cat calmed down and went silent for the first time all day. The judge asked if it was the same cat. Unbelievable. I am now recommending this essence to everyone at the show. I’ve tried everything and this actually worked!

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