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Calming Your Mind & Heart
Processing Energy & Vibration
Improving Communication/Translation

Pohinahina is all about communication, expression, and telepathy. It encourages all forms of interaction and communication and opens up new channels for understanding one another.

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Pohinahina Essence is all about improving upon your communication, expression, translation. It encourages you in understanding all forms of communication. Its essence moreover stimulates ideas and helps activate new ways of thinking. It moreover harmonizes the chakras from your heart through your crown- especially your throat and third eye; it helps you to process (and clear) the energy field surrounding your 5th and 6th chakras, so that you can find the quiet needed to hear (and process) your own heart.

It may be especially helpful if you are trying to learn a new language, traveling in a new country, working as a translator, trying to understand your dreams (or those of another)… it helps you learn how to be more sensitive to energy. It can help you tap into how those around you are feeling (and/or responding) -underneath the surface- teaching you to “tune in” and feel …so that you are more sensitive to where they’re at.

It may be beneficial to use Pohinahina Essence when you’re feeling like you’re entering into a state of overwhelm- such as if/when you have so many thoughts and/or new information to process that you start to shut down. This essence works to calm your heart so that you can truly hear it’s truth.

Pohinahina Essence would benefit you if you are a teacher, therapist, healer, botanist/gardener, vet/animal worker, professional in marketing, writing, communicating/translating, music and the arts… anything where you rely on others for your way of life… (which is everyone)! Use during times when your interpersonal communication feels strained and/or you’re struggling to understand others and/or the inter-workings of the world around you. This Essence can also help improve you and [your relationship with] your pet(s), plant(s), computer(s), phone(s), car(s)…etc… so that you can respond according to your highest truth (instead of becoming entangled in more chaos).

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