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Develops Intuitive Touch
Encourages Being Present
Promotes Multidimensionality

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Cockscomb Essence invokes your innermost passions and helps you channel creative energy into higher levels of spirituality (i.e. for growth and healing). It inspires your pure potentiality, so you feel inspired to create and motivated to birth new ideas into being. Cockscomb Essence stimulates the kundalini and can be good for meditation, dreamwork and accessing subconscious planes. It benefits coming in and out of meditation and trance states, and can be helpful for easing irritation associated with these transitions. It increases empathic sensitivity and helps develop clairsentient ability. It may benefit you if you’ve been traumatized such that your sense of touch has been numbed or affected, especially when coupled to healing work. It’s Essence also enhances your subconscious access, and may be beneficial when coupled to healing and other therapeutic techniques. Cockscomb also relates to the Sacral Chakra and issues of sexuality, ego and vitality. It’s Essence can help balance out the physical needs in a relationship with respect to both partners, and encourages spiritual, emotional, and mental connectivity. It moreover can be helpful in balancing the energetic component of an underactive or overactive sex drive, especially in males, as well as help soften the need for control.

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