Fan Flower – Pink Topaz


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Finding Your Soulmate
Overcoming Indecision & Doubt
Inspiring Loyalty & Emotional Balance

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Fan Flower Essence inspires loyalty, self acceptance, confidence, and wholeness within. It encourages emotional balance, and can help you overcome doubt and indecision. Fan Flower Essence further can help you experience wholeness within yourself – as you are, not as you think you ought to be. If you feel you’re not whole or that you haven’t met your “soul mate” or someone that completes you, or whatever it is you think you may lack, Fan Flower Essence helps you distill the awareness of this experience so that you consciously work through it, and fill yourself with wholeness just as you are.

If you’re prone to indecision, Fan Flower Essence can encourage balance by helping you to objectively weigh both sides of a situation; when you are stressed you may have a skewed sense of what is fair, and this Essence can help to realign you. Further, if you find that you always have to weigh things out carefully before making a decision, and are unable to follow your intuition, Fan Flower Essence can help you overcome your tendency to doubt your gut instinct. This Essence further inspires feelings of loyalty, especially among those who are fiercely independent and have trouble settling down with “just one” partner. If you’re female, it may help balance emotional swings, especially those caused by hormonal imbalance, such as during menses (monthly cycles). If in general, you tend to be overly emotional at times, this can be a good essence to use to help ground your body-mind and emotions.

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 0.5 fl oz dropper CLEARANCE


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