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Mottled Toothedthread


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Helps Release Stagnation
Promotes Self Empowerment
Balances Anger and Dispassion

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Wild Hawaiian Mottled Toothedthread Flower Essence can help you in breaking though energetic blocks both on physical and emotional levels – blocks that would keep you stuck or in a state of resistance which may manifest physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. It has a way of cleansing foreign energy in your auric field that would overtime accumulate and cause “dis-comfort” and/or “dis-ease”. It impacts your throat and thyroid chakras and carries the energy of self empowerment. Energetically speaking, the thyroid bridges your throat and heart; should the thyroid become blocked, you might feel sluggish or heavy, unable to speak your truth and/or prone to weight gain and/or fatigue. This can happen when your heart and emotions do not synch with your words and expression, or when you’re holding too much inside. If you are not able to feel your anger, for example, or you do not find yourself reacting to situations that you should be, it may be you are blocked off or separated (i.e. “out of flow”) with parts of your own soul. Working with this Essence assists you in channeling life force energy into your throat and thyroid chakras (and beyond) stimulating energetic circulation, and helping you move past issues of blockage and/or stagnation.

Mottled Toothedthread Flower Essence further may help you channel energy in many directions at once, whilst simultaneously helping you hold true to yourself at the core. It can further help you find balance between reactive and non reactive emotional states- or rather, aid or guide you in balancing passion (and compassion) with dispassion, and healthy emotion with detachment (and/or distemper).

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