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Knowing with the Heart What to Do. For finding your way through times of uncertainty, indecision, loss, conflict, and in general anytime you need direction.

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Clarity™ Flower Essence is for finding your way through times of uncertainty, indecision, loss, dark night of the soul, conflict, and in general anytime you need direction.  When you don’t know what to do, when there’s no immediate answer, when the Universe seems at a standstill or holding pattern and you’re caught in the middle, Clarity™ Essence begins to lead you step by step through a knowing in the heart. It should be noted that this is not the type of clarity that you need before an exam or meeting, but a type of clarity that comes from an impulse in the heart.

There is a certain variety of Orchid in this blend that is particularly effective in helping remove masks that would keep you in illusion and block you from seeing a clear direction. Another flower in this blend teaches how to rise up from the muddy depths and flower above all the muck; It follows its natural impulse to reach the sun. Similarly the synergy of Clarity Flower Essences, having the feel of the water element (unlike mental clarity which is air) moves you toward emotional clarity, and mental clarity then follows as a natural downstream event.*

Vibrational Infusions of 10 Flowers (including Water Plants), 9 Gemstones, 2 Precious Metals, 2 Essential Oils and Frequencies of Aqua, Gold, and Silver-White Light in 20% Brandy and Purified Water.

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3 reviews for Clarity™

  1. Allison

    I was struggling a lot with my relationship, because of current problems and also scars from my past getting reignited. I was at a crossroads, deeply confused about what to do and how to move forward. Clarity really helped me see what was truly going on. I took clarity every day and it really helped me shift into a space of being clear and knowing what steps to take and what decisions were right for me.

  2. Ryan

    The past couple of months of my life had been really challenging. I found myself getting lost in all the details, unable to make any decisions with any sense of confidence. I started using clarity throughout the day when a felt troubled by a decision I had to make. It really helped me to feel settled in my ability to make the right choice at the right time.

  3. Anna

    In regards to relationships and whether reaching out to certain people is healthy for me or not, this essence has been helping me to become more clear about which actions and decisions are going to support my highest good and to feel more comfort and conviction in those choices. Really effective when confusion reigns and no choice seems like the right choice.

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