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Hawaiian Goddess of Fire

Harnessing Fire Energy ~ Creation through Destruction

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Pele – Hawaiian Goddess of Fire

Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes.  Described in ancient Hawaiian chants as “She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land”, she personifies creative passion, power, creation and destruction.  Although fire destroys, Pele represents the feminine aspect of fire which includes the renewal and rebirth that occur once the old has been burned away. This Hawaiian flower essence blend was sourced and made in Volcano Village at the peak of the volcanoes most recent reign. Flower ingredients were sourced and grown on a local farm, all of them having a synergy with strength, passion, transformation and rebirth; as such, it only felt right to honor the legend of Pele with the essence blended from the sacred plants and minerals grown and blended on her volcanic soil.

This essence may help you to see the ultimate purification and transformation that suffering may bring, and strength and understanding to handle life’s trials more gracefully.  On a global level, a particular gemstone ingredient helps you to adapt to and understand the energy from crises and events happening elsewhere on Earth.  Other gemstone and flower ingredients found in this blend bring grounding and the release of fears needed during times of change and upheaval.

Symbolically, fire also represents emotions such as anger, wrath and retribution.  Sometimes you are faced with the effects of wrongdoing in your life, which can lead to feelings of powerlessness and anger.  Use this flower essence blend any time you need to draw on the fiery retribution of Pele to purify and purge a situation of injustice.

Pele™ Essence Blend can also work as an energetic tonic of sorts, helping quell your internal heat (e.g. temper, anger, rage, etc.) and/or benefiting situations (such as health conditions) that require fire to fight back.

Like lava that creates new land by destroying the old, this essence is great to use if you are looking to harness your own passion, using your creative power to burn away limitations and experience total renewal from this transformation. As such, it may help you if you are experiencing feelings of being dull or stuck, or as though you do not possess the power to effect change in your life.

Watch the video below to learn more about our Pele Essence!

Vibrational Essences for Channeling and Transforming Anger

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2 reviews for Pele™

  1. Anna

    This essence helps me to feel that I am rising up and over whatever issue I am facing. The first couple of times I used it, I closed my eyes and literally saw myself high above the ground, looking out over a vista of mountains and sky. Recently, I have been harboring a lot of negative feelings about my workplace and have experienced some situations that have left me feeling powerless and downtrodden. I have prayed and meditated about the situation and still find myself fixated on and worrying about it a lot. Today I felt moved to use the Pele Essence while bothered by this issue and found that after I used it, I wasn’t bothered by it anymore, and didn’t even feel compelled to think about it! A little while later some negative thoughts came back, so I sprayed again, and again felt the issue disappear from my mind. This has helped me to feel a lot happier and much more productive as I can now focus my energy elsewhere and use it constructively!

  2. e3holistic

    I was introduced to Shanti Kai’s Pele Essence at just the right time: Spring of 2021.
    There have been so many changes happening in my personal and professional life and Pele helped me handle everything with grace, and a little fire.

    First, I am usually pretty quiet at work and don’t like to talk very much in meetings so as not to “take up space” from others. A lot of my voice and suggestions might go unheard because there might be louder individuals in the room. Or simply, I might feel too afraid to speak up if the situation is volatile, emotional or complex. I found myself speaking up in more ways than one: in meetings, in groups and one-to-one encounters. I found that I was more articulate and outspoken. I didn’t get nervous about speaking my truth. Pele helped me make peace with my own intelligence and express it with courage and confidence.

    Second, I found myself resistant to a family role that I didn’t choose for myself, a role where I felt obligated to always help out, even if I didn’t have the time or energy. One afternoon, the usual requests for me to help out with some tasks were not taken the same. My “people pleaser” identity started to melt away and I felt that it was necessary to challenge this role that was placed on me. Pele Shanti Kai Essence helped me with seeing that.

    Third, I had to move my classroom, and pack up everything very quickly and without too much notice. Usually, I get comfortable and cozy with spaces and it is hard for me to move out of a room or home even. I was able to pack up everything with ease. I was surprised with how quickly I could move out and move on from a classroom that had been my space for five years. There were no attachments. I felt free and ready for the next challenge.

    In summary, Pele Shanti Kai Essence has really helped me have confidence and courage to express myself with a powerful clarity. It actually helped me see that having a little power in situations is okay. I don’t always have to be a “people pleaser.” I can stand up for myself when necessary.

    Christina S.

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