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The perfect essence to use when you’re ready to move on, let something go, “get over it”, forgive, heal, or otherwise release an issue or situation to a Higher Power. Good for releasing deep seated energy blocks.

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The perfect essence to use when you’re ready to move on, let something go, “get over it”, forgive, heal, or otherwise release an issue or situation to a Higher Power.

How Release It™ works and why we need it:

In Native American healing, there are only two potential causes to any problem or issue: Either part of your soul has left you or something foreign has attached (or both). Oftentimes, you have deep seated energy blockages that wreak havoc in your system. These blockages can be thought of in many different terms but usually represent a sort of trauma that has either been inflicted or inherited. Trauma can be anything from stubbing your toe, to being yelled at at school, to experiencing ongoing stress, to suffering a serious accident. Any time there is a moment of overwhelm in your body-mind there is a corresponding “freezing” of the part of your psyche that is experiencing the overwhelm. If left unattended, this part stays frozen and is literally stored in the nerve plexus close to the affected area (i.e. it may be stored in your toe or foot if you stub your toe, or in your ear if you are yelled at). Energetically speaking, these stored traumas appear like dark dense bodies of accumulation in your emotional and subtle bodies, literally weighing you down.

Release It™ gets into this dark energy accumulation and begins pulling stuff up and out. It has several different mechanisms by which it’s working – sometimes releasing through relaxing, other times by breaking up energy blockages into small particles, other times by drawing out or purging the toxic parts into your physical body, by encouraging a state of surrender, by unearthing it, and at other times, by an almost “melting effect”.

We recommend following Release It™ with White Light™. This is because the Universe hates a void and whenever you take something out, you want to put something back in. White Light™ takes care of this for you on a vibrational level. It could be noted however, that Release It™ has Frequencies of White Light in it’s ingredient base and thus using a separate essence after the fact is not always necessary. However our testers’ and customer feedback has been that effects of Release It™ are gentler when followed by White Light™ …because releasing doesn’t have to be so hard!

A Tip on Release It™

Use Release It™ with any of our chakra sprays for enhanced chakra clearing and balancing. While it’s not necessary to use them with our Release It™, doing so can help give you an extra boost in releasing unwanted stagnant energies and patterns stored in these centers, such as fear stored in your root, or to help you release short, fast chest breathing (especially when stressed) that can be a habit during times of stress.

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Learn more about Release It™ Essence in the videos below:

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14 reviews for Release It™

  1. Allison

    I went through a breakup in which I took on the majority of the financial burden of separating because I felt guilty for ending things, even though it was the right decision. A while later when I gained clarity that he was just as much at fault for things not working out as I was, I became very irritated whenever I thought about how he had taken advantage of me financially. I started using Release It™ every time I had negative thoughts about what I lost and what he so easily took from me. After a few weeks, the irritation cleared and I was able to let go of it all. Now I look back and all I feel is happy that I made the right decision and I’m in a much better place. Releasing this allowed space for any financial loss to come back to me ten-fold (and it has been)!”

  2. Sarah

    I started taking Heart Ease with Release It™. It helped me release a big block and be in my heart and forgiveness/gratitude. I was able to say sorry to old arguments and start to move on. Cattelya also seems related to moving towards forgiveness and being in my heart. I take all three of these together every morning. On days I don’t take them I tend to feel depressed. With Cattleya, I also feel it opened me up to get the message I needed to hear to work from my heart and make decisions to move on. Release seemed to actually help me move on and Heart Ease helped me where I felt hurt and unsafe.

  3. Molly

    I had a stomach surgery that I’d been putting off for years. I know my stomach is where I’ve long since held emotional issues in my family and so it was no surprise to me that I needed the surgery. Jayme prepared several essences for me including Release It and White Light, in effort to help me prepare for the surgery. I used these religiously right up to the surgery, and starting up again right after. My stomach healed so fast that even my doctors were amazed

  4. Heidi

    Both my husband and I both use this when we find ourselves extremely frustrated. Him more so with stress at work. I use it more during periods of sadness that I don’t want to get stuck in. Sometimes I use it after a meditation devoted to clearing out any negative energy and I feel like I need more to “release it”.

  5. Robert T.

    I had a chronic recurring shoulder ache on the left side that would not go away. I found Shanti Kai Release It at a nearby boutique type store and the owner suggested I try and work with my shoulder pain energetically using the spray.

    I began spraying my shoulder on a regular basis and began to realize that the pain was actually starting lower down around my heart center. I began to experience what felt like a blockage in my heart – a sort of heavy sensation that acted up whenever I was stressed or overwhelmed.

    Then one day I decided to use the spray and really focus on what I experienced. Now, I am not a visual person or one to focus on the past but as I sat there I had a vivid memory of when I was young and watching my mom cry after hearing of the loss of a friend. I recalled feeling helpless and overwhelmed and having this tight feeling of pain in my heart center as I observed her. As I sat there, this memory began to float out of my mind and the tension in my heart released as did the shoulder pain. A sort of lightness came over me. It has never come back the same way since.

    Now when I get stressed or overwhelmed I use the spray wherever I feel tight and bring consciousness to the tension in that area and it almost always releases within a matter of minutes. This product has opened me to a totally different way of dealing with body aches and pains – I am so grateful I found it!

  6. Janet

    I have been trying to lose weight for years and can only seem to get down to a certain weight before somehow I put it all back on. I started using Transitions whenever I got sugar cravings or the urge to eat excessively, as well as when I woke up. I began using the Release It over my belly fat which is where I hold all my weight. I also did a private session or two through Shanti Kai and began to see where my weight was stored emotional baggage I was carrying from growing up in a difficult environment. We never knew if there’d be enough food for us and my brothers would eat everything if I didn’t get to it fast enough. I had unwittingly developed the bad habit of trying to eat what I could whenever it was available “just in case” and to dive in whenever there were sweet treats, as this was something I never got growing up (as there was only enough money for the basics). This was a huge revelation to me as I hadn’t ever realized the connection in any way shape or form. Using the sprays I began to retrain myself and change my habits. For the first time in years I feel in control of my eating habits and the weight is coming off in a steady, balanced way. I do think that it would have been much, much harder without the sprays as these slowly but surely shifted me… first by bringing up the cause of my issues, and then helping me to release the emotional baggage I’d been carrying, and finally to implement habit breaking changes.

  7. Pam

    I had a horrible headache (which I rarely get) after doing readings all day at Sedona on Monday. But after spraying Release It around my head, front and back—my headache disappeared within 15 minutes!!! Yay!

  8. Abigail

    This is pretty potent stuff! Love it:)

  9. Stan Cisneros

    My business was “stuck”, slow, down, blocked, not moving forward…I was looking for solutions – better ways to manage, budget, cut costs etc. A friend told me they’d used Shanti Kai’s Release It spray to help move through a bad break up and I started to wonder if I could use it to release whatever might be slowing my business down. I started spraying myself and around my office, products, supplies, computer and mail daily. I also sprayed the chairs of my employees after hours. I was also using Attract in my aura during this time.

    Within about three weeks one of my employees announced he was leaving. This had been an employee I had wondered about anyway but hadn’t wanted to let go because I felt bad. Around that time I started to wonder if my website was part of the issue. I implored my web designers and realized none of the SEO had even been input although I had been paying. The employee that was leaving was in charge of overseeing the website and had also overlooked that many of our products had only partially been input and were not available for online purchase. When he left we found lots of customer emails asking why they could not purchase. The web designers knew they were supposed to do this but were lazy and waiting for our employee to pressure them. When I brought this to their attention they offered me a refund on several months and allowed me to break my contract with them.

    To make a long story short, after several weeks with Release It, I released my web designers and the problem employee. I got a new company in that could manage themselves and I now have a Rockin website and a much more lucrative online business. I really do believe aligning my intention with this product made all the difference. I had been “stuck” in a rut for months and using Release It and Attract is the only thing I did differently.

  10. Douglas

    So the first time I used the Release It, I didn’t see anything but within minutes I was super angry and I couldn’t figure out why. Within the hour I was arguing with my boyfriend about things that had been bothering me for weeks and suddenly I realized I had used the spray!

    My second occurrence was when I went to my sisters graveside. I didn’t have any lavender or salt to cleanse with after so I sat in the car with a/c on full blast and sprayed the Release It five times. This time, I notice specks of green light in the air, some gold and then blue and suddenly they vanished. I remember feeling peaceful and just sitting in the car and enjoying the moment.

    Just last night I sprayed the bottle again with my boyfriend and his friend in the car. Within minutes each of us began venting our frustrations out about random things, when we got out of the car we all laughed and realized that I had used the spray and we had released our emotional frustration.

    – Douglas D., LMT, Day Spa Manager, Honolulu, HI

  11. Carl

    My wife and I are in our late 70s and early 80s respectively and it’s hard for us to go out and exercise. We go to see Jayme for regular appointments and she suggested we could try spraying Release It where we need to lose weight. We started doing this twice a day. Next time I came for my appointment with Jayme I had a realization that since I was born in Italy during a time of great depression, as a child I never had enough to eat. I was always hungry but there was never enough food at the table. I realized that even 70 years later I was still always hungry and eating as if I might not have food tomorrow. Jayme helped me clear the memory of being hungry. After this session I no longer felt hungry all the time and had better control of my eating. I was finally able to lose weight. (I was also taking the Thyroid Chakra Essence with the Release It) when I lost weight.

    My wife started the Release It spray and she had a different experience. When I took her to see Jayme after she was taking Release It for several weeks she realized she has had issues around her abdomen ever since her second pregnancy. The Doctor had scared her that she might lose the baby. She realized she was still trying to hang onto the fat around her abdomen to protect the baby- even though it’s 50 years later- her body still remembered. After she got cleared this trauma with Jayme, her situation felt much lighter and it’s easier now for her to manage her weight.

  12. Carlo

    I use Release It every day, this clears my Mind

  13. Caitlin

    I have suffered from chronic neck problems my entire life. I began throwing my neck out in high school, and this continued for more than a decade. A sore neck muscle would evolve quickly into a chronic muscle spasm so severe I could not turn my head, stand up, move my arms, or even get out of bed. My entire life I assumed I just had a “bad neck” and nothing seemed to resolve the problem for good. I’ve spent countless hours getting deep tissue massages, seeing sports physicians, using products to numb the pain, and in emergency situations taking prescription drugs that made me feel drowsy and sick. I can honestly say that Release It has healed the true root of my neck problem. I use a few sprays on my neck at night before bed, and I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in how the muscles feel and my range of motion. It has dramatically improved the way I feel day to day. I would highly recommend this to anyone suffering from chronic muscle pain. It is a safe, effective, non-presricption way to finally solve the problem and erase the pain.

  14. Sarah D

    Wow I was told to try this essence to help move on from a frustrating or anxious moment. But I was so excited to realize it helps me to move on from any depression spells BIG TIME.

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