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Calcite Master Blend is an essence of emotional intelligence, helping you to connect your emotions and intellect. It can help you learn to act with clear intent instead of “reacting” due to imbalanced emotions and/or distorted perceptions from past trauma. Our Calcite Master Essence contains over 12 varieties of calcite, including Kauai Calcite, a variety that is native to the oldest of the Hawaiian islands’ ancient calcite caves. It can help you process ancient memory and facilitate transitions in life. It promotes the release of limiting beliefs so that you can evolve and change according to who you want to become rather than becoming stuck in who you may have been in the past. It helps you access subconscious memory so that you can release limitations and overcome doubt and fear. If you’re prone to worry, our calcite Essence can be very stabilizing, and help you step into confidence and strength It also helps connect you to the violet flame of transmutation, which is said to facilitate the ascension process, helping purify past karmas and help you in learning to live from the perspective of your higher self.

Calcite Master Essence empowers confidence and is therapeutic for processing subconscious fears, such as those that come up in dreams, nightmares, and subliminal mental chatter throughout the day. If you tend to dissociate or mentally “check out” under stress, or if you tend to “leave your body”, it brings increased protection on the astral plane and encourages you to feel safe enough to come back in. Shanti Kai™ Calcite Master is also extremely grounding and nurturing; it helps connect you to Mother Earth and her nurturing core and benefits mothers, children and anyone needing a little grounding and protection . In relationships and love, it helps open the heart and softens the energy between two people. It further helps you to build thoughtforms that connect you to success and optimism, and is calming and soothing to the mind and emotions.

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2 reviews for Calcite Master

  1. Rocco

    The evenness I felt surrounding my personal relationship after using Orange Calcite was remarkable. It softened feelings I had been harboring for a long time and helped to move me out of a very stale place.

  2. Anna Snow

    The master blend is so calming, soothing and grounding.

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