Shanti Kai™ Diamond Gemstone Essence - Drawing Out Toxicity



Diamond Master

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Attracts Loyalty & Prosperity
Detoxifies & Amplifies Energy
Opens 3rd Eye & Crown Chakras

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Diamond Gemstone Essence

A master blend of black, blue, brown, green, gray, orange, pink, white, and yellow diamond essences.

Diamond Master Blend is a powerful blend of over nine varieties of diamond, bestowing energies of manifesting and attraction while opening the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It works to strengthen the interface of your mind power (intellect), and intuition – and can be helpful in situations where clarity and insight are needed. Its essence is especially effective for detoxifying and removing blockages within your subtle energy field, and may be especially beneficial when used over areas of tension, i.e. especially around the Third Eye and Crown Chakra areas. It can moreover help move out stagnant and blocked energy and be especially beneficial when you are weakened, and/or recovering from stress, trauma, and/or wounding. Diamond Master Essence helps raise your vibration, improve self-esteem, and bring an expanded sense of cosmic awareness. It is moreover a good essence to use in relationships, to strengthen commitment, loyalty and love. Its energy increases acceptance and helps raise your vibrational field, rendering it excellent for invoking prosperity and wealth.

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2 reviews for Diamond Master

  1. Anna Snow

    I’ve been taking this essence when I feel like I need to clear some negative energy that is making me feel anxious or out of sorts and it makes me feel much more calm.

  2. Anna

    I have been taking the single ingredient Black Diamond Drops and felt the effects right away. Every time I use I feel like I can feel myself getting a clean out, with anything unwanted rising up and out of the top of my head.

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