Elestial Quartz Master


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“Crystal of the Angels”
Structures & Regulates Energy
Promotes Spiritual Transformation

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Elestial Quartz Essence (Master Blend) carries a very high vibration that helps you to connect to your higher self, upper Chakras, higher beings, and to raise your frequency of unconditional love for all. It may bring emotions and issues to the surface to be healed as it does this. Imagine being on an underground elevator that has to break through the earth above it to go higher up – rocks, mud, tree roots, dirt, occasional trash or debris – it all just starts cascading down on all sides as you breakthrough and go higher and higher; It is thus an essence of transformation. It’s energy may help to awaken dormant or inactive regions of the brain and allow you to access ancient wisdom and knowledge of the future as well. In this sense, Elestial Quartz Essence is a sort of timekeeper that brings with it the perspective of time and space from the perception of the whole spectrum – or rather it helps you to see your soul’s path through many lifetimes so that you can make the best choices of where you want to go in future lifetimes.

Check out our Quartz Master Blend which contains all of our Quartz Essence variations.

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