Lemurian Quartz Master

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Access Ancient Wisdom
Divine Love ~ Healing ~ Awareness
Seed Vibrations of Ancient Lemuria

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Lemurian Quartz Master Essence connects you with the ancient energies of Lemuria, as recorded in the seed crystals infused in our Essences. The Lemurians were advanced star beings who were anchored in divine love, and had fully ascended into their upper chakras. They possessed advanced attributes, beyond time and space, and could manifest their thoughts through intention. This Essence can help you strengthen your powers of intention, awakening you to the greatness that you can become. Meditating with this essence can help you further expand and evolve, opening your upper chakras and helping you manifest your full potential. It further aids the opening of subtle chakras within your brain, promoting greater access to the love and light that pulsates within.

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Kula Lodge Maui

1 review for Lemurian Quartz Master

  1. Lyn, 48, Spiritual Counselor, PsyD

    I have worked with many forms of Lemurian Quartz over the years so when I saw Shanti Kai’s Lemurian Quartz Essence I didn’t think much of it. However it was the free gift with a purchase I made at a class I took with Jayme. Shortly thereafter I was blown away by the shifts I made and how good I felt when I worked with it. I was able to release old ways of thinking and and fears that were holding me back – I started just experiencing and being more. I would just work with the Lemurian Quartz Essence and sit quietly and notice how my body responded as the shifts would come through. I would then carry these subtle shifts in my energy with me into my practice, just as Jayme had suggested.

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