Moonstone Master


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Shanti Kai™️ Moonstone Master Essence inspires nurturing energies of unconditional love and acceptance – divine virtues associated with the Christ consciousness and upper chakras.
Moonstone Master Essence assists your soul in integrating the Light and higher virtues of the upper ascension chakras, and may help you to feel and hear your angels. It moreover promotes feelings of motherly love, safety, and protection whilst invoking clarity- not in the way of a snap of peppermint or a shot of espresso- but with the comfort and reassurance of a mother embracing her newborn- or a warm, soft blanket wrapping around you and lulling you off to sleep. It helps bring you to the space of inner peace and silent knowing, like a gentle voice reassuring you that “all is well” or “it’s all going to be okay”. If you’re feeling distressed (or simply stressed), and in need of a “tune up”, a little reassurance, or simply a little help soothing your soul and finding renewed inspiration, try using our Moonstone Master Essence prior to any type of spiritual work -e.g. meditating, yoga, prayer time, or a contemplation.

Moonstone Master is also a great essence to use when flying, to “soften” the nerves so commonly associated with traveling and to ease the transition between time zones. It further can help you adjust and find sleep in new places. Use before relaxing and/or resting, or before traveling or going on a journey, and you just might find yourself “flying high with the angels” … at least in your dreams. Use when you need a shift in perspective or to move into a “higher” way of seeing things. Pair with our Intuition™️ Essence for addressing sleep issues and to help with the [energetic aspect] of balancing circadian rhythms.

Moonstone Master can further help bring you into communion with your Divine Feminine, so you feel nourished and in-touch, connected with Frequencies of the Divine. From that place of warmth and safety, it can be a tool to help you heal from childhood trauma. If you have “mother-related” issues that have manifested as feelings of neediness, or in behaviors such as emotional eating, our Moonstone Master Essence can be an excellent tool for connecting with the Divine Mother – Her abundance of mercy, compassion, and grace.

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