Quartz Master

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Activates Ancient Memory
Amplifies Positive Vibrations
Aids Healing ~ Strengthens Aura

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Quartz Master Blend helps to cleanse, purify, and supercharge your aura, as well as realign all the chakras and meridians of your subtle energy field. Traditionally, it has been used as an elixir to guard against emotional heaviness and ailments of the heart, aid against nervous exhaustion, and restore vitality and vibrancy to your energy field. It bolsters spiritual and emotional growth, while easing stress, healing past heart aches, and helping you transcend self-limitation. In this way, it aids release of energetic blockages and helps with repatterning beliefs (both inherited and learned) that would hold you back over time. Quartz Master Blend serves as a doorway to cosmic consciousness, enhancing your connection to the angelic and celestial realms, increasing your intuition, and helping you understand your unique spiritual gifts and God given abilities.

Taking this Essence, you may find yourself pulsating with love for nature, and having an ever increasing sensitivity to the world of subtle vibration. It can help you shield and cleanse from environmental toxicity, and magnify positive vibrations to your outer surroundings. It further helps release unhealthy, unwanted patterns and behaviors, including patterns of self doubt and the tendency toward undermining your own intuition. Quartz Master Essence Blend helps you learn to vibrate at your full potential, making it easier to lift up out of lower energy states and experience greater feelings of positivity and joy!

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2 reviews for Quartz Master

  1. Anna

    The rose-quartz always fills me with a sense of peace and softness and opening that is very calming.

  2. JW, California

    I needed knee surgery and was having trouble walking more than a short distance without hurting. We were visiting my daughter on the Big Island and everyone wanted to take a walk down to the water. I didn’t want to hold the group back so I agreed. My daughter came up and sprayed my legs down with the Shanti Kai Quartz Spray – I laughed at her but a mile later I wasn’t laughing anymore- I couldn’t believe I was still walking and wasn’t in too much pain. I asked her for more so she sprayed my legs every half mile or so and I made it 3 miles! I don’t know if that’s what it’s for but I have tried everything for my legs and knee this sort of blew me away. I now use it daily.

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