Smithsonite Master


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Aids Problem Solving
Strengthens Leadership Ability
Soothes Interpersonal Relations

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Smithsonite Essence encourages leadership abilities and self-confidence, rational thinking and perspective. It may also enhance problem solving abilities and increase understanding of different perspectives. Using this essence in meditation may help you tap into your sixth sense, heighten your intuition, and increase your clairsentience and overall inner vision. It may also help with dream interpretation and recall. On an energetic level, Smithsonite Essence can also benefit brain power, improve right/left brain balance, and help harmonize your masculine and feminine energies so that you are more whole within yourself.
Smithsonite Master Blend Essence aids stress and overwhelm, increases intuitive abilities, and helps balance creative and rational parts of the brain. When stress gets to the point of overwhelm or even nervous breakdown, tapping the power of this essence may be especially beneficial for restoring inner calm and relaxation. This essence has a lovely calming side that helps you feel emotionally uplifted and empowered. Further, it may help harmonize relationships as well as ease fears of interpersonal relationships and exchanges (that may be based on past experience or trauma). It can also help to bring harmony to your relationship with yourself and can be a great essence to use to initiate new beginnings or rebirth in some area of your life.

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