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Topaz Master

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Inspires Joy & Rejuvenation

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Shanti Kai™ Topaz Master is infused with 11 varieties of Topaz, synergistically blended to align with energies of purification, manifestation, transmutation, and protection. Topaz Master Essence also works to stimulate healing, enhance meditation, and strengthen your spiritual connection. It works to purge toxicity and transmute negative energy, allowing you to more readily attract wealth and good fortune. More importantly, however, is that it aligns you with the highest form of wealth, spiritual wealth.

It works within your energy to awaken and expand the Heart Chakra, cleansing and balancing your emotions, and instilling joy and rejuvenation. Topaz Master Essence further works to strengthen your mind and intellect, to inspire learning, and encourage success. It empowers you in discovering your hidden talents and skills, and in aligning with your highest purpose (and Divine potential). A great “go-to” essence anytime you need an energetic “pick me up” (or boost), Topaz Master invokes healthy self-expression, clarity, harmony and clear communication.

Check out the videos below featuring Topaz Essence:

Vibrational Healing Infusion for Energy and Upliftment 🌺 Shanti Kai™ Presents Topaz Master Essence™

RHOD D'Andra Simmons & Jayme discuss TOPAZ Master Essence for Prosperity

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3 reviews for Topaz Master

  1. Anna

    I have been taking the pink topaz drops for several weeks now. Over the past couple of days I have indeed been experiencing up-wellings of joy and happiness for no apparent reason, and despite present anxieties and uncertainties. This is a good one!

  2. Anna Snow

    The topaz master blend is very uplifting. As soon as I sprayed it I had a sense of a lightening in my body, and it left me with a very relaxed, pleasant feeling.

  3. Anna Snow

    The topaz master blend leaves me feeling very relaxed and uplifted!

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