Tourmaline Master

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Encourages Tranquility & Healing
Enhances Grounding & Protection
Balances & Aligns 7 Main Chakras

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Tourmaline Master Blend is comprised of a variety of different Tourmaline colors that resonate individually with each chakra. It is formulated to focus on Chakras 1-13 and may help you by connecting the flow of energy through the entire chakra line – stimulating communication between the subtle bodies and aiding the connection of mind-body-spirit. Tourmaline has been traditionally used to dispel fear, anxiety, and grief, and to promote tranquility, concentration, creativity and eloquence. It may also improve sleep quality and help to bring greater balance to your energy in relationships.

Blue Tourmaline, benefits your throat and 3rd eye chakras, and promotes intuition, clarity, and clear communication. As a room spray it has a calming effect and recharges a space, preparing it for meditation.  Green Tourmaline encourages emotional healing, spiritual growth, and regeneration.  Watermelon Tourmaline acts to balance and open your heart chakra and can help bring greater balance to your energy in relationships. Rubellite Tourmaline acts on both root and heart chakras and can be beneficial for female energy balance, and strengthening and healing issues of the heart. Black (Schorl) Tourmaline and Black Tourmaline with mica help clear negativity and bring protection to your energy.

Dravite or Brown Tourmaline has grounding, nurturing protective qualities and helps connect you to the Earth plane, cleansing any negativity from your earth star chakra (below your feet) that comes up from the earth.  Orange Tourmaline promotes joy and rejuvenation and can help balance the sacral chakra, uplift emotions and bring positive vibrations. Yellow Tourmaline acts in your crown and solar plexus chakras and promotes higher spirituality, intellect, and mental focus. Quartz Tourmaline opens your crown and ascension chakras and your physical body with higher spirituality simultaneously, whilst White Tourmaline opens the gateway to your ascension chakras, promotes clarity and expands your cosmic energy.

Take drops orally or added to water, or try our Blue, Black, and Master varieties available as Aura Sprays.

All of the Tourmaline Essences stimulate communication between the subtle bodies and can be added to an oil medium such as jojoba, coconut, or castor oil and applied topically. It may be especially beneficial to use the appropriate Tourmaline Essence over each chakra.

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5 reviews for Tourmaline Master

  1. Anna Snow

    The master essence is so calming and centering. I reach for it when I’m feeling anxious and always helps to quiet the mental chatter and help re-align me with my center.

  2. Anna

    Wanted to write a follow up review as the previous was for the drops, but I recently was able to try to spray over the holidays because my mom had it. I couldn’t believe the immediate effect of using this spray. It’s like it clears everything dark out and leaves nothing but calm and relaxation in it’s wake.

  3. Anna Snow

    The black tourmaline drops leave me with a feeling of solidity and really being in my body. Very grounding!

  4. Penny

    I really love black tourmaline, and now I get to enjoy it even more! I’m finding myself more grounded and focused at work and not really feeling so attacked by customers all the time. What a great essence!

  5. Penny

    I really love tourmaline, and now I get to enjoy it even more! I’m finding myself more grounded and focused at work and not really feeling so attacked by customers all the time. What a great essence!

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