Tourmaline Master

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About Shanti Kai Tourmaline Master Blend

Shanti Kai Tourmaline Gemstone Essence is our Master Blend, comprised of more than fourteen different Tourmaline varieties to help balance and align all seven major energy centers (or chakras).  Work with it as an aura spray to promote harmony and enhance wellbeing, as a room spray to cleanse and recharge your space, or before healing and meditation.  Apply as drops or add to water and sip throughout the day for balancing stress and enhancing harmony.

You can also work with this vibrational healing spray to promote emotional balance, as well as to help dispel negativity, fear, and sadness.  It further helps strengthen your mind, inspire creativity, and increase grounding.  Tourmaline Gemstone Elixir is also beneficial for promoting clear communication, enhancing tranquility, and inspiring deeper states of meditation.

 Color Variations found in Shanti Kai Tourmaline Gemstone Essence Master Blend

  • Blue Tourmaline Essence or indicolite works on your throat and 3rd eye chakras, promoting intuition, clarity, and clear communication.  Use as a room spray to purify and recharge a space for meditation.  Spray office or workspace before important meetings to encourage harmony and cooperation.
  • Green Tourmaline Essence encourages emotional balance, spiritual growth, and healing.
  • Watermelon Tourmaline Essence acts to balance and open your heart chakra, inspire unconditional love and harmony.
  • Dark Pink or Red (aka Rubellite) Tourmaline Essence acts on both your root and heart chakras.  Beneficial for balancing female energies and healing issues of past relationships, it can also help you release jealousy and envy.
  • Dravite or Brown Tourmaline Essence has grounding, nurturing protective qualities that connect you to Mother Earth and can be balancing for the chakras found in your feet and legs.
  • Black Tourmaline Essence or Schorl promotes detoxification, grounding, and protection from negative energies.
  • Black Tourmaline Essence with mica helps clear negativity and enhances your ability to deflect negative energy.
  • Orange Tourmaline Essence promotes creativity, joy and rejuvenation.  Its balancing for the sacral chakra and uplifting to your emotions.
  • Yellow Tourmaline Essence acts on your crown and solar plexus chakras.  Its essence promotes higher spirituality, intellect, and mental focus.
  • Quartz Tourmaline Essence opens your crown and inspires clarity, mental calm, and enhances rest.
  • White Tourmaline Essence connects you to cosmic energy and promotes clarity and higher forms of spirituality.

Tourmaline Gemstone Essence Application Tips:

For best results spray Shanti Kai Tourmaline Essence over all seven chakras.  Alternatively add 5-7 drops to water and sip or apply over crown, clean skin or areas of tension.  Apply to jojoba or sesame oil and massage over major energy centers.  (Note: apply 5-7 drops with each massage application and use immediately- it is not recommended that you store this way).

For more tips, checkout our product videos on our Shanti Kai YouTube channel.

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5 reviews for Tourmaline Master

  1. Anna Snow

    The master essence is so calming and centering. I reach for it when I’m feeling anxious and always helps to quiet the mental chatter and help re-align me with my center.

  2. Anna

    Wanted to write a follow up review as the previous was for the drops, but I recently was able to try to spray over the holidays because my mom had it. I couldn’t believe the immediate effect of using this spray. It’s like it clears everything dark out and leaves nothing but calm and relaxation in it’s wake.

  3. Anna Snow

    The black tourmaline drops leave me with a feeling of solidity and really being in my body. Very grounding!

  4. Penny

    I really love black tourmaline, and now I get to enjoy it even more! I’m finding myself more grounded and focused at work and not really feeling so attacked by customers all the time. What a great essence!

  5. Penny

    I really love tourmaline, and now I get to enjoy it even more! I’m finding myself more grounded and focused at work and not really feeling so attacked by customers all the time. What a great essence!

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