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Writers Block
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Afghanite Essence helps others to really hear what you are saying; vibrationally, it helps the intended impact of what you are saying to reach the listener. Often, you hear things but because of preformed opinions or belief systems you do not “truly” hear them. Words pass through your selective filters and you tend to categorize what you think you heard. Afghanite Essence helps you move into an expanded state of consciousness, so that you can hear at a different level, or from a higher perspective. It would help you if you have to give a speech, or deliver an important message, to be more effective. If you are in a leadership position you would also do well with this essence, or if you are someone who experiences frequent miscommunication or misunderstanding, which with the rapid forms of communicating these days, and during mercury retrograde, is just about everyone. It would also benefit you if you are a musician, writer, artist, teacher, or in other professions alike.

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 0.5 fl oz dropper CLEARANCE, 2 fl oz spray


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