Agate Master


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Grounds & Attunes to Gaia
Connects to Ancient Mysticism
Supports Alchemical Transformation

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Agate Master Essence connects you with the Earth’s healing energy field and the ancient mysticism that dwells within it. Its Essence brings balance and upliftment to your Heart Chakra energies, invoking the healing and revitalizing power found in Mother Earth’s nurturing core. It promotes new beginnings, prosperity and success whilst helping you tap into the grace and abundance of Lady Gaia (aka Mother Earth). It is an excellent companion during times of stress and may help you find grounding and balance in times of conflict and duress. It thus may benefit energies of your nervous system, and help you to attain a state of inner calmness, soothing frustration, irritation and other fiery emotions. It also inspires greater enthusiasm and passion for life, as well as encourages harmony with others.

Agate Master contains all of our Agate varieties including Fire Agate, Louisiana Agate, Tree (Dendritic) Agate, Moss Agate, Grape Agate, and Violet Agate.

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