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Attunes to the Celestial Realms
Promotes Vision & Communication
Repels Negativity ~ Raises Vibration

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Aquamarine Essence reduces fear and helps strengthen the physical body. It clears and repels negativity while promoting calmness and clarity of mind. It has a protective, serene quality that can be likened to wrapping yourself in a soft cozy blanket, making almost anything seem better. It’s Essence promotes communication with the subtle and etheric realms as well as celestial beings, and as such, may be especially effective for attuning to the angelic. In your personal relationships, Aquamarine Essence aids communication, softening your tone and easing how you come across – all the while without losing strength or effectiveness. Aquamarine Essence also promotes peaceful slumber, cocooning you in its protective quality while inspiring you to dream.

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  1. Eric

    I ordered aquamarine essence because I have an especially stressful work environment. My coworkers are very down on their jobs and my boss can be a real challenge to deal with. I noticed after a couple weeks something had shifted. I can’t say when, where, or how but I suddenly realized I wasn’t disturbed or bothered when my coworkers were complaining. I was able to brush it off. My boss even seemed (and still does) to start talking to me with more respect and patience. My workplace remained stressful but I had shifted and others had shifted in response. The aquamarine essence was the only variable that had been introduced during this time.

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