Black Elestial Quartz


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Brings Grounding & Protection
Enhances Subconscious Access
Benefits Healing & Regeneration

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Black Elestial Quartz Essence, also known as Morion Quartz, is a very dark version of the Smoky Elestial variety, and like smoky, its Essence strongly emphasizes qualities of grounding and protection. A “Morion” was a protective helmet worn in battle in 16th century, and speaks to the shielding capabilities of this stone’s energy. Like our Smoky Elestial Quartz Essence, it facilitates interdimensional journeying, meditation, and greater receptivity to subconscious information. Such receptivity might include information about past lives that would be relevant and beneficial to you in the present. It further provides grounding, strength and protection from negative energies that you might otherwise be susceptible to- especially energies that exist on astral or interdimensional planes (as may be visited unconsciously while out of body during dreamstates and/or consciously in higher states). Black Elestial Quartz Essence can also assist you in acknowledging and releasing the darker aspects of your own consciousness- aspects such as fear, anger, shame/guilt, as well as your shadow parts. Ultimately, Black Elestial Quartz Essence can help bring any inner darkness you carry into the light for healing and can moreover be beneficial for rejuvenation and regeneration (i.e. on an energetic level).

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