Blue Obsidian


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Clears Throat Chakra
Inspires Fluid Speaking
Promotes Clarity & Intuition

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“Blue Obsidian Essence inspires healthy communication and expression, enhancing speech fluidity and lingual abilities. Unlike many [western] treatments which work on the symptomatic level, Obsidian Essences work on the underlying root cause, going deep to target the source of the problem or issue. Sprayed over your throat (in Shanti Kai Obsidian Master Blend), Blue Obsidian Essence works to balance, open, and recharge your Vishudha or Throat Chakra. Taken internally, it is especially powerful for dissipating internal blockages stored in this region.

Like other Obsidian Essences, Blue Obsidian assists with getting underneath problems and conditions, enabling you to more easefully clear underlying subconscious blockages, helping you “repattern” from within. As Blue Obsidian Essence targets your throat chakra region, it may especially benefit problems that underlie speech, such as issues with stuttering and or conditions tied to your thyroid ( a master regulatory gland within your throat chakra) or voicebox, and neck area*. Coupling this Essence to speech therapy and/or forms of healing involving altered states (ie subconscious access) may accelerate results*. Regression therapies, shamanic work, certain forms of energy healing, and especially breathwork and/or trance state breathing may be especially effective when working with this Essence.

Blue Obsidian Essence moreover stimulates your Ajna Chakra (or third eye) helping to strengthen your intuition and improving clarity of mind. It may further ease your decision making processes, memory recall, and ability to channel your wisdom through words. Blue Obsidian Essence can moreover be used to bolster many forms of expression, including your lyrical and musical skills, artistry, and writing.

Blue Obsidian is an excellent Essence to work with when traveling, especially when visiting other cultures. It bolsters your intuitive ability and can help improve communication skills- both lingual and sublingual- so you can better interpret, process, and understand information you receive from others. It can be a great tool if you are empathic or sensitive to outside energies as it helps you to clarify your energy, feelings and emotions so that you can separate them from energy you absorb from others.

If you have a fear of flying, it can not only help you to get to the underlying source of your fear but also bring enhanced mental and emotional calm.”

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