Shanti Kai™ Brown Diamond Gemstone Essence - Increasing Energy


Brown Diamond


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Strengthening Crown Chakra
Releasing Metabolic Energy Blocks
Clearing Harmful “Earth” Energies

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Brown Diamond Essence helps strengthen mental faculties and increase confidence. It helps enhance your connection with earth energies so that you can feel more grounded and experience greater overall well being and harmony. It may also help draw out toxic energies, including attachments, entities, and (earth plane) elementals (i.e. energies that come up out of the earth and can energetically or spiritually attach to the legs and feet).

Clearing such energies (which are much more common than you may think) can increase your activity levels, stimulating your desire to move (i.e. exercise); your metabolism can thus be improved as a downstream effect (with use of this essence). Brown Diamond Essence also acts energetically to help balance excess desires, passion, or the need for distraction and stimulation, all of which can result in sluggishness and hangover-like effect of over indulgence.

Additionally, Brown Diamond Essence can be especially helpful with clearing environmentally toxic frequencies (i.e. microwaves, and other harmful rays), especially their effects on your Crown Chakra and head region.

Check out our Diamond Master Blend which contains all of our Diamond Essence variations.

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