Fire Agate

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Increases Grounding
Courage ~ Focus ~ Protection
Balances Base & Heart Chakras

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The Essence of Fire Agate sounds much as its name implies: fiery. Its Essence carries the quality of fire, enabling you to more readily use your own energy to burn stagnant, unwanted energies. Work with this Essence to ignite your own inner alchemy- to purge unwanted toxins and ignite energies of renewal. Lower emotions, such as sadness, unworthiness, and frustration, if not properly transformed and released can become stuck, adding a burden to the weight you must carry. Fire Agate Essence can help shift lower emotional states and blocked energies into a more active, energized state, rendering them easier to process and release.

Fire Agate Essence has a vibrant quality that invokes your innermost ambitions, motivating you into action while grounding you at the core. It furthermore assists with balancing the Root and Sacral Chakras, stimulating your kundalini while at the same time increasing your pranic reserves.  It helps cultivate a sort of emotional safety that allows you to allocate more of your own inner resources to the things of your choosing. If you are highly empathic, this sort of buffering or safety can help you in physically expressing your truth- not allowing the opinions of others to overwhelm you, or become an intrusive influence that overrides your own. In fact, you might think of this Essence like a protective shield, returning unwanted or harmful energy back to its source, allowing you to focus your sights on the path ahead. It also has a transforming effect and is beneficial for healing issues of the heart, cultivating creativity, and inspiring the originality and intuitive thinking needed to achieve your goals.

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1 review for Fire Agate

  1. Christina S.

    Fire Agate has been very transformative essence for me. I noticed that this essence has really had an impact on my life. I am more vocal with my thoughts at work, stating my needs more clearly and effortlessly. I am also feeling more confident and motivated to try out new projects with ease. This essence has had an impact on my professional life but also my personal life too. It has given me the energy and courage to set more boundaries at work so that I have more time for my family and friends and all the things I care about. Fire Agate has just the right balance of helping me feel grounded and energized at the same time.

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