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Acts as Auric Shield
Purges Toxicity ~ Reveals Shadow
Grounds ~ Empowers ~ Strengthens

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Galena Essence stimulates the energetic release of spiritual, emotional and mental toxicity and trauma often suppressed or stored in the lower chakras of your physical body. A grounding Essence, Galena is especially beneficial for clearing fear and other low frequency emotions. Its Essence helps bring sub and/or unconscious blocks -which might otherwise suppress or hinder your prana (i.e. life force energy)- to the surface for release. It moreover works to assist you with turning the mirror on yourself and revealing your shadow aspects- parts of yourself that may work against you, sabotaging your success and/or blocking your personal development and spiritual growth.

Galena Essence furthermore works to strengthen and fortify your base chakras, bringing energies of grounding, strength, empowerment and courage. It strengthens your etheric body and enhances meditation and other spiritual practices. It is especially valuable for use in practices which use the breath as a release mechanism. Galena Essence moreover works to strengthen auric shielding thereby helping protect you from harmful rays and other “energetic contaminants” in your environment (i.e. radiation).

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2 reviews for Galena

  1. Danielle

    This essence was very powerful. In a gentle way, it really brought to the forefront all of the dark emotions that were seriously hindering my growth. And helped to lessen the burden that they were as I worked through it.

  2. Christina S.

    I am noticing that after working with Galena essence over time, I feel more grounded and less fearful to take on creative projects and move in new spaces. I also feel that it’s easier for me to meditate now and that my spiritual side is more integrated with my daily life.

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