Gray Diamond


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Protection ~ Psychic Defense
Energetically Clearing Brain Fog
Strengthening Environmental Shield

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Gray Diamond Essence is especially beneficial for clearing brain fog and negative energies picked up from outside sources. It helps draw out toxicity and can simultaneously help clear energies that would keep you stuck and stagnant. Gray Diamond Essence can also help to shield you from environmental toxicity on an energetic level, strengthening your energetic defenses. It moreover exudes a protective quality against entities that prey on fear and negativity, and against certain types of psychic energies. Gray Diamond can help you sense when your energy is being invaded or “something feels off”; application of this Essence can initiate the clearing process and help protect you against future invasion from other outside energies. Work with this essence whenever you feel fear or emotional imbalance in order to release any outside frequencies that may be instigating or heightening these feelings; in this way you can begin to have greater control over your own energy field.
You may wish to use Gray Diamond as part of our Diamond Master Essence spray. Check out our Diamond Master Essence for tips.

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0.5 fl oz dropper


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