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Heulandite Essence promotes communication with Angelic Realms, bringing protection and light by activating intense love vibrations within your higher Heart Chakra. It aids your Heart Chakra in processing these ever-increasing light frequencies so that you can heal on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. These light frequencies pulsate within, eventually circulating throughout your entire being. Heulandite Essence strengthens your lower chakras, promoting greater blood flow to this area and deepening your connection to Mother Earth.

This Essence works to strengthen the energy centers in your brain, opening the gateways to ancient knowledge and ameliorating the powers of your intellect. It further illuminates your Third Eye and Crown Chakras, opening and balancing the channels of your inner Ear Chakras. Heulandite Essence also grants ease of access to your subconscious mind, bestowing knowledge and wisdom through dreamworld access (and other portals). Consciously coupled with the intention of healing, this essence is further magnified to elevate you in the experience of Divine Love, wisdom, and ultimately, spiritual ascension.

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