Jasper Master


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Shanti Kai™ Jasper Master Blend, like the minerals it is comprised of, carries a wide array of healing vibrations – peaceful energies of the earth that invoke tranquility and instill comfort. Its essence is believed to bring protection from misfortune and calamity, to protect you from the evil eye, neutralize curses and shield you from environmental toxicity. Jasper has long since been revered as sacred or even magical, and its Essence too, carries an enchanting quality that inspires divinity and attracts synchronicity- whilst helping you stay grounded and connected to the earth plane. An excellent essence for the environmentally and/or empathically sensitive, apply or take Jasper Master Essence before travel, gatherings, and/or social outings to help strengthen your shield against negative and/or unwanted energies. Jasper Master Essence gradually bestows its gifts, releasing its powers one by one, like flower petals opening to the sun. Indeed, like the Earth Herself, Jasper Essence speaks of patience and Divine timing, and its essence benefits you most if worked with consistently over time.

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0.5 fl oz dropper


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