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Brings Fairy Energy ~ Joy
Invokes Bliss & Contentment
Aids Meditation & Dreamwork

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Jeremejevite Essence is all about bliss. It relaxes you on all levels of being and helps you experience greater joy. It also helps connect you to the nature realm, and, If you believe in such things, you might even experience “fairy energy” with this essence. That’s because of the ease and relaxation that Jeremejevite Essence brings, as it helps release tension and “pent-up” energy (and emotion) throughout your entire being- mind, body, spirit and soul. It simultaneously helps you develop an affinity and joy for things just as they are. Jeremejevite Essence is moreover a very rare mineral and in fact very few even know what this gemstone is. It is a mineral from Africa that is rarely found – it carries a Divinity that is unique. Similarly, the energy that this mineral produces in essence form helps you move into a dimension where you experience your own joy and divinity in a way that is unique to you. It helps you to embrace love and to accept the things that are unique about you – to develop these things and to find great joy, love and light … light that comes from living, being and accepting things as they are. Not only that, but this essence helps you find contentment, and beyond contentment, bliss in the current moment without wanting for anything more. In short, that is the magic of Jeremejevite Essence.

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