K2 Jasper


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Awakens the “Bindu”
Inspires Purity of Being
Invokes Himalayan Energy

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K2 Jasper Essence acts as a conduit for higher spiritual energy. It carries the energy of the Himalayas – a place of enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Likewise, this essence is ideal for purifying the third eye, or Ajna Chakra. Combined with spiritual practice and discipline, it can assist in awakening your “bindu” or blue pearl -described in yogic tradition as the souls “transport vehicle”. It is found within your third eye and takes serious meditators- (usually dedicated disciples of enlightened beings) on journeys far beyond the physical realm of existence, into the many loci, or spiritual planes/dimensions. K2 Jasper Essence inspires you toward total purity of being, helping you to live in accordance with your highest principals, especially when nobody is looking. It further encourages distractions and deterrents (from your spiritual path and highest spiritual aspirations) to vibrate out of your energy field.

Much like the Himalayas themselves inspire all levels of adventurers, this is an Essence that inspires all levels of spirituality. If you are a beginner, it brings a feeling of excitement, intrigue, and adventure, even glamour, to what you perceive to be spiritual life. However, with time as you learn the path of the mystic is not for the faint of heart, when the glamour fades and life’s challenges set in, this essence’s true power and depth is revealed. With continued use, you may find K2 Jasper Essence deepens insight and support for your spiritual practices, encourages detachment, and inspires you toward enlightenment and ultimately, liberation.

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