Kauai Calcite


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Evolving ~ Releasing Limitations
Transitioning Through Life’s Shifts
Reprogramming Subconscious Mind

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Kauai Calcite is an uplifting, transformational essence that carries the unique healing energies of Kauai’s sacred, ancient caves. This Essence promotes personal evolution, facilitates the release of old patterns and beliefs, and helps you reprogram according to your highest ideals.  A great support for times of transition and major life shifts, it helps you ease softly between phases.  Kauai Calcite Essence further carries ancient Lemurian vibrations that help awaken you to your soul’s magnificence; it supports past life/ ancestral recall and teaches that “you are so much more than your physical body”.   Beneficial during times of trouble, it reminds you of your ultimate purpose and helps focus you on what truly matters.  If you’re drawn to Kauai Calcite Essence, it is likely you’re an old soul that is ready to integrate the wisdom you’ve accrued through countless lifetimes.

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